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Kon Faber’s Flow Sessions Is A Majestic heart Warming Organic House set

The Berlin based duo also got candid with some interview questions.

Kon Faber has released their music on record labels including Kamai Music, YION and Serafin Audo.

Kon Faber is a live act based in Berlin that consists of Bene and Nils who have a love of organic drum textures and enchanting synth lines. They have already made a splash on the international scene in addition to playing regular gigs across Germany. Kon Faber has recorded us an exclusive podcast plus took the time to run through some interview questions…

Hey Guys, welcome to the Flow Family! Thanks for your time. Let’s get started with a little bit of your background. How did you meet?

Thanks for the warm welcome, we’re really happy to be a part of this carefully curated series! We’ve been close friends for many years, and long before we started making music together. We first met on a vacation with mutual friends in the Italian alps around 8 years ago, then both moved to Berlin shortly after that, and we’ve been homies ever since.

How did find your love for creating music as a duo or individually?

Music has always played a central role in our lives, as we both came from musical families and have been part of many different music projects ranging from punk rock to synth-pop and hip-hop. Actually, our first music project together was a rap EP we recorded for fun, and we did that with a friend back in 2015. Back then we both already produced electronic music individually, but never together. When we finally decided to do a session in 2019, we knew right away it wasn’t the last one. The track turned out to be our first release ‘Raindrums‘ and half a year later we played our first live set with originals only.

For anyone not familiar with your music, how would you describe your individual styles Can you put your finger on the elements of your music that make it so distinctive?

After our last show, someone said that our music sounds very personal to her and that she can hear our personalities through it. We think that that’s mainly because we’re so close and have tons of fun in the studio creating tracks. We love it when things get really groovy with crazy basslines and punchy organic sounding drums. But there’s also a serious and deeper side to our tracks, especially in the harmonies.

Tell us a bit about your new remixes for Elias Doré? We are massive fans of his, and he was actually one of the early Flow Sessions artists.

We love Elias’ sound and have been in touch with him ever since we sent him demos of our very first EP. He plays our music frequently, and we were really happy when he asked us to contribute a remix for his upcoming EP on the Serafin Audio imprint. We can’t wait for the release date so we can play it live, as the remix turned out to be an energetic one with a funky bassline, pitched down Spanish vocals, and some gnarly sounds coming out of our Prophet 6 synthesizer.

The places we grow up in, various locations and cities can have a powerful effect on our creative energy. Tell us a bit about Berlin (or other cities) and how you feel they have influenced your sound and musical direction?

Both of us come from rather small towns in Germany, where electronic dance music wasn’t really present at all. Our first touchpoint with it came from living in different cities around the world like Hamburg, Mannheim, Leeds or Melbourne, then of course it became omnipresent when living in Berlin. But coming from many different musical directions, for example… Bene drumming in a punk band or Nils rapping and singing in a hip-hop funk band, those things definitely played a vital role in the dance music we produce today.

Speak to us about some of your career highlights?

We played our first live show only six months before Corona hit, so there hasn’t really been much time to cross off that bucket list, but we’re still fortunate enough to have experienced some memorable highlights already. One of them was definitely playing our second ever live set, which was at our favourite venue in Berlin – a fully packed Salon at Rummel’s Bucht (R.I.P.) on New Year’s Eve, and that was completely crazy. And of course, becoming part of the amazing Kamai Music record label/booking agency. Now we’re hyped to play our first festivals this summer, and we also have international gigs in the UK, Belgium and Italy.

Let’s let our imaginations wander, if you could play anywhere in the world, for example, a Cercle performance or a festival, where would it be?

There are many spots we’re dreaming of, like Fusion and Garbicz where we had some of the most special nights as clubbers. It would be amazing to create some special moments there for others. Another dream is touring in South Africa and playing at Africa Burn, as we feel very connected to the people we know from there, and think it would be amazing to explore that country and music scene!

Do you have any tips for aspiring producers and DJs?

When it comes to producing music, working with real (stereo) recordings really made a huge difference for us. Also, learning to let go of elements that you’re not 100% sure of, even though it’s hard sometimes. Referencing is another thing that made our productions and mixes improve a lot, and for that, we use tools like MetricAB.

Tell us a few of your favourite nightspots and what it is that stands out about them?

We really enjoy experiencing different styles of music, and we love places that allow you to experience different genres as part of the same event. Sisyphos is the perfect place for that, as it has everything from the house music played in the Wintergarten to the techno-focused Hammahalle. But it’s also a really unique place that allows you to dive into a different culture. Jolene in Copenhagen is another place that’s also super fun for the same reasons!

Outside of DJing and producing music, how do you spend your time?

We both work part-time in different start-ups, Bene in sales and Nils in marketing. We try to spend as much time in the studio as possible so our social life has become non-existent 😀

We have started asking Flow/333 contributors to add 2-4 tracks to our Spotify playlists they can be originals or songs you just cant stop listening to, what would you like to add? (For some reason Spotify puts the newest additions down the bottom, please follow our playlists and label page updated regularly)

What else can we expect from Kon Faber in 2022?

For us, 2022 is the year of collaboration. We’ve already had many studio sessions with different inspiring musicians, and plan many more. It’s a lot of fun to merge different ideas and also to learn from fellow producers. Therefore, expect some colourful releases soon! Other than that, we’re working on a new EP, and have a couple of singles and remixes scheduled for the coming months. We’re looking forward to what’s ahead 🙂

Thanks allot for your time guys, its been a pleasure and I hope to share a dance floor with you one day in the future.


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