Robin Schellenberg’s Melodic Techno Mix Is Flow Sessions’ Landmark 100th Podcast

The Berlin-based DJ and producer also took the time to answer some interview questions.

Flow is proud to present the 100th instalment of our mix series Flow Sessions, and it’s a stunning DJ set by Robin Schellenberg.

Flow Sessions was started during the pandemic with the concept of keeping the music scene flowing while dancefloors across the world were shut down. The concept is based on inviting skilled DJs to play an epic 3-hour and 33-minute DJ set that allows them to dig deep into their record collection. These extended sets are aimed to be timeless mixes that have a shelf life beyond the usual short-form podcasts featuring a selection of the DJ’s hottest tracks from that moment. Luke Vecchio opened the series for us over three years ago, and since then we have had mixes by people ranging from Nick Warren to Anja Schneider. Plus, a selection of up-and-coming talents, as Flow Sessions is about showcasing exceptional DJs, not just the biggest names.

Robin Schellenberg is a Belin-based artist who fits perfectly with Flow Sessions ethos, as he is a DJ and producer who’s known for his magnificent DJ sets. He is well known within Berlin’s vibrant club scene and also plays regularly at other European destinations. Many also know Robin Schellenberg for his productions on leading record labels such as Einmusika, Katermukke, Stil Vor Talent, Timeless Moment and Harabe.

This mix has uplifting melodies that are shrouded in deep atmosphere and driven by the shuffling rhythms of techy percussion. Alongside his melodic mix, Robin Schellenberg also took the time to answer some questions…

* Thank you for crafting a captivating and driving mix for Flow Sessions. What were some of your favourite tracks here, and any unreleased material that we should be looking out for?

In my DJ Sets, I mostly play my own music, and also a lot of unreleased stuff. Out of respect for the labels I don’t use unreleased tracks in podcasts though, but you can watch out for new music coming out on Stil Vor Talent and Katermukke. In my mix, I used a lot of music from my favourite artists to honour their work. I really love the work of my agency buddy Gespona, but one of the most fascinating producers currently, especially with his new style which evolved during his last releases is Sam Shure. I love this punchy and percy sounds and for me this is a really modern way to produce electronic music. I’m getting more and more into music from producers like Skatman or Tal Fussman. One of my favourite producers currently is also Final Request. I really love his aesthetics and movement in his tracks. And you find of course my latest release for Einmusika “Interconnection” woven into the mix.

* Approximately 3.33 years ago in the height of COVID lockdowns, we started this passion project to support artists and give back to the music community. How did your involvement with the United We Stream platform help you support artists & the electronic music scene during those unprecedented times?

When Corona hit the world and especially hard on our clubculture scene we formed a group of activists in Berlin and started a streaming series with the European cultural broadcaster ARTE. Within days the scene lost all our stages and clubs to perform, so we tried to build a digital platform to bring the music to the people and let the artists perform. We were totally overwhelmed with the feedback. We reached millions of people at home, we had thousands of artists playing for us. And we collected with a fundraiser a lot of money, to help Berlin clubs to pay their rent. At this time we were really anxious that we would lose lots of clubs because they couldn’t pay their rent. Because as soon you lose your contract, the venue will disappear.

* What appeals to you or inspires you most these days, between DJing, producing music and running a vibrant cultural project like Klunkerkranich (in Berlin)?

I really love building places like Klunkerkranich, where artists and people can meet and have a great time. I love working with my team, and rethinking our venue every year, so we can grow and become better. Now in our 11th season, we had the narrative to think of it as Year One of Part 2. So we always try to evolve and reinvent how we do things in our venue. Besides that, I needed a lot of time to realise, that it’s crucial to care for yourself. That’s why I gain a lot of inspiration by connecting with myself, meditating & exercise daily, cooking a lot of vegetables and eating well and consciously. Also, I’m connecting more and more with nature which gives me a lot, especially when you live for around 20 years in a city like Berlin. I really try to be more and more present and focus on the here-and-now and being compassionate. In our current times so many people don’t take the time to connect with themselves, with people or with nature around them.

* We are celebrating your mix as the 100th release of this series. Who are some emerging producers / DJs that have captured your attention or inspired you lately that you  could recommend for us to consider for the next 100 Flow Sessions? 

As a producer and DJ I regularly find a lot of new, inspiring, and crazy artists. I mentioned some above: Sam Shure, Final Request, Gespona, Skatman, Tal Fussman.

But the list goes on and on in my mind: Moontalk released a beautiful track called “Acid Disko”, I’m still a big fan of Enamour, Mita Gami & Adam Ten are producing super nice and soulful tracks at the moment, and I’ve been keeping my eye on Aikon for a while now and think he is a great producer. Just to name a few 🙂

* How do you feel about genres these days, and how would you describe your music?

Super nice question. I think it’s a tough topic. A long time ago I didn’t know how to call it what I do. Then the “Melodic House & Techno” label came up. Before that, I thought of it as Neo Trance, or used the bigger container Deep House, but I didn’t feel well with those descriptions. But now, after some years, I have the feeling, that my genre is now evolving in a more mainstream way, where I don’t feel at home anymore. So I find my music in multiple Beatport genres these days: Melodic House & Techno, Indie Dance, Techno, Progressive House sometimes and even Tech House again. For me the genre is just a word which tries to put the music in a box. In the end, music is evolving, and sometimes I don’t think that those words are needed or helpful.

* You must have had a busy summer. Where are some of your favourite places you have played recently, and where are you headed next? Any plans for Australia?

I’m really thankful that I can travel again with my music. I played especially beautiful gigs in Netherlands and Denmark this year, but one of my highlights was a few days ago my set at Bucht Der Träumer. I really like the atmosphere at this festival and I’m always thankful for the people who organise this beauty of a party.

I’m looking forward to playing in Cyprus and Jordan end of the year, and I’m grateful that my music brings me to those beautiful places of the world. In the end, I also really like to play in our home venue Klunkerkranich, in a place we build for us and all the beautiful humans who visit us. Of course, I would love to visit Australia with my music, but I’ve had no opportunity so far, and would love to make this happen!


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