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Swiss French Sensation Deer Jade Drops ‘Jukurpa’ On Kompakt Records!

Dive into the ethereal and spiritual journey that has been uniting dance floors!

Swiss-French electronic music artist Deer Jade has released her highly anticipated debut EP ‘Jukurpa’ through the esteemed Kompakt label. The EP has already generated substantial buzz within the electronic music community, known for its entrancing, spiritual vibes that have united dance floors worldwide.

‘Jukurpa’, a term borrowed from the Walpiri Aboriginal language meaning Dreamtime, represents the ancient and ongoing process of creation in the universe. This concept perfectly encapsulates Deer Jade’s music style: a magical journey across different eras and cultures, infused with her unique, playful, and melodic sound. As a proponent of Kundalini yoga and spirituality, coupled with a nomadic upbringing, Deer Jade’s music offers a rich tapestry of experiences and sounds.

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The title ‘Jukurpa’ mixes deep melodies, jazzy piano, and choral lyrics with a steady beat, a highlight of Deer Jade’s energetic performances at top venues and festivals worldwide. It’s also a standout in her mixes for Circoloco Radio and Keinemusik, marking its significance in the electronic music scene.

The EP’s second track, ‘Cosmic Dream’, takes listeners on a different journey with its driving beats, intricate melodic phrases, and ethereal vocals, embodying the communication from the Dreamtime to our modern-day existence.

Deer Jade’s debut on Kompakt, following her acclaimed work with labels like Stil vor Talent and Get Physical, highlights her expanding influence and expertise in the electronic music landscape. With her unique ability to merge diverse cultural sounds and her enchanting stage presence, ‘Jukurpa’ becomes an essential album for loyal fans and new listeners.

Deer Jade’s ‘Jukurpa’ EP is not just music; it’s a spiritual journey, a celebration of life, and an exploration of the universe its available now on all platforms!

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