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Fabian Krooss Drops Debut Album ‘Colorfuel’: A Vibrant Odyssey in Electronic Music

The album is out now via a tribe called A Tribe Called Kotori!

The electronic music scene is buzzing with the release of Fabian Krooss’ debut album, ‘Colorfuel’. This long-awaited project comes after a series of singles that kept fans on edge, showcasing Krooss’ ability to blend a wide spectrum of sounds into a cohesive and vibrant journey. Released under A Tribe Called Kotori, with the catalogue number ATCK045, ‘Colorfuel’ marks a significant milestone in Krooss’ career, offering a vivid exploration of electronic music that is set to captivate listeners worldwide.

‘Colorfuel’, a term that combines the vivid colors of Krooss’ musical palette with the energetic essence his tracks embody, is a fitting title for an album that radiates with dynamism and curiosity. From dancefloor anthems to introspective melodies, Krooss crafts an engaging experience packed with surprises. Each track contributes to a narrative that spans the emotional and stylistic spectrum, from melancholy and uplifting to funky and chill, reflecting the depth and diversity of his talent.

The album, completed in Autumn 2023, is a testament to Krooss’ mastery over his craft. It not only showcases his versatility across different electronic music genres but also solidifies his position as a rising star in the scene. The tracklist reveals a journey that begins with the soulful ‘Oh Darlin”, a blend of Chicagoan rhythms and Afro soulfulness, and ventures through a variety of sonic landscapes, including the atmospheric electronica of ‘Staring’ and the festival-ready ‘Phoenix’, featuring Frida Darko.

Tracks like ‘Move Your Booty’ and ‘Your Soul’ delve into playful and bass-heavy territories, while ‘Inside of Me’ and ‘Manaki’ explore more subdued and Italo-infused sounds. ‘Elasticity’, a collaboration with Atish, showcases Krooss’ adept versatility, merging jackin’ beats with progressive structures. The album continues to surprise with ‘Coquin’, a jubilant homage to Latin influences, and ‘Back to the Oldschool’, a nostalgic trip to the ’90s. ‘Mtende’ offers a balearic-infused deep house experience, and the album concludes with ‘Tied In Knots’, featuring Harry Charles, blending Spanish guitars with acid bass lines for a climactic finale.

Accompanied by artwork from Lisa Ghio and available for booking through, ‘Colorfuel’ is not just an album; it’s a vibrant expedition across the colorful landscape of electronic music, promising to fuel the souls of listeners with its eclectic mix of tracks. With its release on March 29, 2024, Fabian Krooss invites us to embark on a seamless journey through his musical vision, from the melancholic to the euphoric, the playful to the serene. ‘Colorfuel’ is a celebration of electronic music’s boundless potential and a bold statement from an artist poised for international acclaim.


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