From the outset of the global pause, Australian music and festival lover, Corr Piccone realised closures of music venues and events would badly affect the industry.  

Feeling a calling to support his favourite artists, Corr’s iconic 3h 33m mix series, Flow Sessions was born. It’s mission, to offer artists a creative outlet during the downtime and help them earn badly needed cash.

As the series began to grow, words of kindness rippled throughout the community. With Corr continuously looking for ways to promote each artist, he was introduced to Mark Betteridge and his well known UK based electronic music media blog change-underground (CU). Launching in 2013, CU’s mission to was to unearth the world’s best emerging talent and offer a fresh take on club culture.

Both Corr and Mark joined forces to grow Flow Sessions and as play counts began to rise, so did their friendship. One day it occurred that a merger of the two entities was meant to be. And so was born.

Flow Music is a new breed of electronic music media, a true meeting of club and festival culture. A place for the industry to join together as one.

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