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Goro & Lev Talk Inspirations, AI In music & Recording Flow Sessions 101 Live!

“We Decided On A Simple Rule – Anything Goes And Just Have Fun..”

Next up on Flow Sessions, hailing from the Netherlands, DJs and friends since they met 5 years ago. Percussive grooves, deep atmospheres, and driving energy are their bread and butter, drawing inspiration from oriental sounds, mystical elements, and anything that makes you want to move! When they’re behind the decks, they create something truly special, possessing a profound understanding of how to elevate their audience. Rejoice, music lovers, and revel in this creation! They were also kind enough to answer some questions about life, music, and everything in between. Please read on and enjoy!

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your latest mix and the journey you wanted to take listeners on?

This one was recorder at an all-night performance we played at a local camping here in the Netherlands. It was interesting because, unlike a club gig, here we had a very mixed crowd which is always an interesting challenge. So our idea was to just traverse across a wider range of styles than usual. We wanted to keep it energetic and drop in a little depth and darkness here and there to make it a more well-rounded set. We are very happy with the result.
How do you approach the process of curating tracks for a mix that reflects your styles?
We really like music and we find new stuff that gets us energized all the time, so we just make sure to keep sharing new inspirations with each other. This keeps us a bit in tune with our musical taste and direction as it continuously evolves. We have both different styles for collecting and arranging out music. We believe that sets a difference between us that creates a very nice synergy when we play. The short of it is that we like similar things but we find, refine and arrange things differently so that we can still surprise each other plenty during the set itself. We believe that it is important for keeping us in the moment and constantly having to react to each other and the crowd which makes for better experiences.
What ultimately made you decide to record the mix live? Tell us more about this experience.
We record most of our set, because why not. However, we don’t often release them since experiencing a set live and listening to it on your own are quite different experiences and it doesn’t always translate as well, in our opinion. To be honest, we didn’t originally expect much from this one as it was a very mixed crowd. The thing about sets like this is that you often need to feel around a bit to find a sweet spot where you get them into a groove and “reel” people in from there – so this is what we mentally prepared for. However, this crowd came HUNGRY, so we were free to just twist and turn them whichever way and the reaction was great. We realised very quickly that this one needs to be released.
Are there any specific artists or labels that have been influential in shaping your style?
We are big fans of variety and change, so we have a very wide range of inspirations. It’s very hard to even point to a single genre, not to mention label or artist. We can say that recently we’ve been really vibing to a bunch of older minimal tech / tech house that opened up a more energetic domain for us and we’ve been exploring that side a bit more but it’s just want branch in a pretty big free of inspiration.
How do you see the evolution of the electronic music scene?
Now that AI and large models are on the scene, it’s really hard to tell what will happen (check out Google’s MusicLM – it’s pretty wild already). We are not really among the “machines will replace us” crowd but it will definitely change the tools and building blocks that will be used to create music. For example, we can definitely imagine things like songs that sounds slightly different every time you play them so that every experience is totally unique. Also it will be easy to mash styles together so I would expect a more rapid evolution of genres. It’s definitely going to be interesting.
What’s next for you as artists and producer’s and can we expect more mixes or original tracks in the near future?
We like playing and producing music together but also apart. When you work along you have full artistic vision control but when you work with someone else you benefit from this ping-pong of ideas and energy so we like it that there is room for both. You can absolutely expect more interesting sounds coming from us in the future.
Finally is there a final message you would like to give to your fans?

Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Just kidding….

We hope to have the opportunity to reach everyone who might enjoy our music and we immensely appreciate the love we get from the people we have reached already. Every kind word, thumbs up on the dancefloor or hug afterwards means a lot to us and keeps our energy going so thanks to everyone this! Click here to listen to the mix 🙂

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