Nadav Dagon drops new organic house EP, “Egypcia”

The release is out now via the Baikal Nomads record label.

Nadav Dagon delivers a hot and humid organic house release via the Baikal Nomads record label.

Egypcia is a four-track release including a track made with Carla Valenti, and a three-way collaboration with GALGO (IL) and Yinon Dar. There are also remixes by Max TenRoM and Catatonique who each rework one of the originals.

This is the first time that Nadav Dagon has worked with Baikal Nomads, and he joins the imprint following music on the likes of Camel Riders and 3000 Grad. Early in his career, he also made waves when he collaborated with Roy Rosenfeld for a release on Guy Gerber’s Rumors.

Of the three collaborators, Carla Valenti is the most accomplished, as she has worked with respected outlets such as BLOND:ISH’s Abracadabra Music, and she joins Nadav Dagon to collaborate on the release’s title track. Little is known about GALGO (IL) and Yinon Dar who both appear to be making their first-ever release with a contribution to this EP.

Each of the remix artists are also highly regarded, with Max TenRoM being a jazz musician turned electronic music producer, and he’s known for his music released by MONADA, Cafe De Anatolia and Harabe.

Catatonique are a Mexican duo who have a synth-led style of epic organic house, which they regularly champion via their own record label Subnautique Records. They have also made previous contributions to Baikal Nomads amongst other well-established imprints.

Opening the release, “Egypcia” is made in collaboration with Carla Valenti, and has free-flowing organic percussion that gives the track a dramatic energy, while Arabic melodies and a live string instrument become the main focal points.

Track two, “First Night Back” featuring GALGO (IL) and Yinon Dar, has call and response male and female vocals, underpinned by a rolling bassline, and an acid lead synth that swells with intensity as the track unfolds.

“Egypcia” gets a powerful remix by Catatonique who adds a pulsating bassline to their pitched-down remix, which is a lot more electronic than the original due to all the extra synth parts. Max TenRom ends the release with a percussion focused remix of “First Night Back,” which adds new guitar and drums to the original’s vocals. He also works in a new bassline and removes the original’s acid synth.

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