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Magnetic Brothers – 8 (Movement Recordings)

The latest release on Tash’s Movement Recordings finds the Magnetic Brothers presenting their latest full length LP entitled ‘8’.

Magnetic Brothers - 8

Over the last two years the Magnetic Brothers have become an integral part of the Movement Recordings roster. The Russian duo Anton and Arthur Golubev began their journey into electronic music in 2009. Over the course of their six year career they’ve been one of the most prolific and genre defying production duos to come along in quite some time. Their versatility is epitomized with vocal led songs, poignant electronica journeys and deep dance floor minded creations. It’s led them to releases on industry giants Armada Music and Blackhole Recordings, along with a slew of the underground’s top imprints, most notably Flow Vinyl and Soundteller Records. Now as 2016 is set to begin we find the much loved duo presenting their first studio album for Movement Recordings. The eight track journey appropriately titled ‘8’ is set to unite electronic music lovers around the globe with its borderless approach and emotive draw. 

The journey begins with the appropriately titled ‘Welcome (Intro Mix)’. It’s excursion into poignant motifs and vibrant key sequences is offset with warm bass swells and soft chords. It’s state of continual bliss sets a positive vibe moving forward to the albums second selection ‘Come With Me’. Here we see the Magnetic Brothers getting deep, chunky and perfectly dialled for the dance floor. Anchored by a mountainous groove, a storyboard of alien-like vocal stabs begins to flow through the framework. Quirky bass modulation along with sweeping sheets of white noise make for an exhilarating first act and take the track into the break. Getting further twisted, Anton and Arthur’s design skills come to life with a collage of tripped out audio dominating the interlude, ultimately setting up a dramatic conclusion.

The album’s third selection ‘Confession’ explores another area of the Magnetic Brothers seemingly endless studio repertoire. For as much as Anton and Arthur are loved for their dubbed out, late night groovers the duo is also adept at full vocal projects which ‘Confession’ showcases once again. Led by the silky smooth voice of Laladee, it’s an alluring composition from start to finish. Moments of sheer beauty are offset with clever and moderately twisted design. It’s the ultimate contrast and recalls some of Renaissance Records most memorable moments. All good sound stories effortlessly cast the genre barriers aside and captivate audiences from all corners of electronic music. On ‘Luna 2017’ Anton and Arthur delve into broken beats, piano motifs and ethereal vocals. Downtempo in nature and deeply emotive, it’s soulful synth swells and blissful flutes make for one of the albums most heartfelt moments, and perhaps one of the Magnetic Brothers most musically inspired creations to date.

‘Reincarnation’ marks the albums midway point and finds Anton and Arthur crafting a dark and moody late night gem. Filled with dubby qualities and groovy bass hooks it sets a fresh presence straight away. The acid like leads, for all their nasally quality are incredibly captivating and lift the track with a series of offset tones making for one of the albums most unique and memorable moments. A gritty and moderately twisted second half should be for magical on a clued up dance floor and once again showcases the duos incredible versatility. The tracks moody energy acts as the perfect prelude to ‘Russian Astronaut Story’, a deep, sci-fi inspired piece with a captivating narrative. It’s cavernous groove, haunting vocal elements and otherworldly space cast a melancholic tone but it’s the tracks eloquent themes which ultimately bring it to life.

The albums final quarter begins with ‘Nickolaev (City)’ which once again sees Anton and Arthur bringing new found emotional depth to the collection’s journey. Lazy beats and dubby bass stabs set the piece in motion while time stretched vocals and granular design tantalize the senses. It’s rainy day motifs and soft tonal themes dominate the tracks centrepiece before a brighter sequence initiates a spirited finale. The albums concludes with one of its most heart-rending creations ‘8 (Infinity)’. A first act led by expertly edited vocals reminds one of James Holden’s ’93 Returning’ rendition of ‘Nothing’ but that’s where the similarly ends. A series of warped tones provides some intense moments leading to the tracks centrepiece, where the vocal storyboard once again delivers a series of amazing moments. It preludes more warped magic where Anton and Arthur push the sonic envelope, ultimately ending the album off on an extraordinary note. A gorgeous collection of music from the Magnetic Brothers and another Movement Recordings release that’s not be missed.


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