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trueColors drop new VA feat. Inámo, Monolink, Zigan Aldi & Umami, “Insight, Vol. 1”

The four track release features reinvigorated music from the record label’s back catalogue.

trueColors is a deep and melodic record label with a focus on organic sounds, and its new release is a four-track compilation titled Insight, Vol. 1.

The release dives into trueColors back catalogue to unveil some previously unreleased versions and new remixes of classic tracks. Amongst the tracks is an ‘Instrumental Mix’ of “Fidale (I Feel)” by Monolink and Zigan Aldi. Inámo releases a ‘Special Disco Mix’ of his track “La Llama ft. Niña indigo,” and Inámo also remixes “Terra Mount” by Umami and Monolink. The release also includes Umami’s new remix of “Ahget” by Zigan Aldi.

Many who check out this release will no doubt be instinctively drawn to check out the tracks featuring Monolink, but all of the tracks are of a very high quality, and it’s certainly not all about the biggest names. It’s actually very hard to pick out a single standout track, as all of them could easily be considered the lead track.

Monolink might be the most accomplished in terms of the high-profile music he has released in collaboration with Ben Bohmer, alongside his top-selling solo contributions to imprints such as Embassy One. All of the other artists on the compilation are also quite accomplished, and boast music on the likes of Katermukke, Underyourskin Records and Anjunadeep.

Inámo’s Special Disco Mix of his track “La Llama ft. Niña indigo” is upbeat deep house with sensual vocals and fizzing percussion. Umami’s remix of “Ahget” is trippy organic house with haunting vocals and eerie tension. Inámo’s remix of “Terra Mount” is a melodic house track with cosmic vibes and a thickset bassline. The instrumental mix of Monolink and Zigan Aldi’s “Fidale (I Feel)” is a dub version of a hit track, and it’s no less spectacular without the vocals.

You can buy a copy of the release HERE.


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