Flow Music Presents: Heimlich Knüller, Kon Faber (live) Deep Ghosh & Lostboy Ludo!

Flow Music Presents another remarkable event, this time showcasing the best of German house and techno. Dedicated to pairing talented international artists with well loved local support, this time we venture to the Mullumbimby side of the Shire, with the Durrumbal Hall as the chosen stage for our next event! Having witnessed these incredibly talented artists perform live during our 2022 Festival tour in Europe, including festivals like Garbicz and Fusion, we are honoured to share them with our Byron Shire family! Most of them have also graced us with their sublime 3 hour and 33 minute sets on The Flow Sessions series which you can check out below! Secure a ticket now by (Clicking Here)

Heimlich Knüller is a prominent Berlin-based DJ known for his consistent high-quality performances at various festivals and renowned venues such as Kater Blau, Sisyphos, and Fusion. As a respected figure in the Berlin underground scene, he is affiliated with collectives like Bachstelzen, Freudentaumel, and Feines Tier. He is recognized for his track selection, energetic sets, and significant presence at events like Garbicz Festival and Fusion Festival.

Kon Faber, are a dynamic German live house and techno duo, celebrated for their electrifying performances combining vibrant beats and live instrumentation. Flow Music presents their exclusive show in Australia, promising an unforgettable experience filled with infectious enthusiasm and unparalleled musicality.

Deep Ghosh, is a melodic house and techno artist based in Amsterdam and is one of Flow Music’s esteemed curators, he infuses the city’s spirit into his captivating musical creations. His soundscapes take listeners on a journey through melodic realms, blending intricate rhythms with soul-stirring melodies, reflecting the rich electronic music innovation in Amsterdam.

Lostboy Ludo, a versatile artist from Southern Italy, has evolved as a DJ with influences from Caribbean Reggae and Hip hop. After studying sound design in London, he found his musical resonance in Melbourne, Australia. Known for blending world rhythms, mid-tempo beats, synthwave nostalgia, and tribal elements, Lostboy Ludo is active in the Northern Rivers circuit and has left his mark on diverse musical landscapes with appearances at festivals like Esoteric, Rabbits Eat Lettuce, and Bohemian Beatfreaks. He co-hosts events like The Lost Playground in North Melbourne and is involved in his latest venture, Reverie.

We can’t wait to see your smiling faces on the dance floor, secure your tickets HERE!