Memo Rex drops new organic house EP, “Vulcan”

The four-track release is out now via Sol Selectas.

Memo Rex drops a splendid organic house/Afro house release via Sabo’s Sol Selectas, which includes three solo originals and a collaboration with PALOMA.

Hailing from San Diego in California, Memo Rex is a skilled producer who has shown off a wide range of styles via different record labels. He has released moody melodic techno via the likes of Jannowitz Records and Desert Hearts Black, upbeat tech house via SNOE, and Sol Selectas is his chosen outlet for organic house.

“Vulcan” is the EP’s title track, and it’s an Afro house cut with upbeat energy provided by flowing percussion. Latin vocals and haunting melodies add to the tracks captivating aura, as it unfolds with building tension.

Track two, “Muladhara,” is made in collaboration with PALOMA., and it’s a powerful track where tribal percussion and ceremonial chants merge with the sounds of the rainforest. Its upbeat Afro house groove will get people exuberantly stomping round the dance floor to the exhilarating rhythms.

“Vesta” is third, and it’s a sensual organic house track with delicate piano chords and mystical vocals layered with shuffling percussion.

“Resonance” is another organic house track, and it brings the release to a close with twinkling melodies and sweeping pads underpinned by earthy percussion.

Out now, buy the release HERE.


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