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10 Must See Artists At Earth Frequency Festival 2024

A Transformational Journey Through Sound, Art, and Community

Nestled in the heart of South-East Queensland, Australia, Earth Frequency Festival is more than just an event; it’s a convergence of music, arts, lifestyle, and environmental consciousness. Scheduled to take place over the Labour Day long weekend, May 3-6, 2024, this festival serves as a melting pot where people from diverse backgrounds, ages, and walks of life come together to share in the universal languages of music, nature, technology, culture, and peace. Their goal is ambitious yet simple: to deliver a life-changing, transformative experience that resonates long after the last note fades.

From its origins as a primarily electronic dance music event, Earth Frequency has evolved into a vibrant showcase of both live and electronic music. Their carefully curated lineup reflects a broad musical spectrum, emphasising quality, independence, and creative expression across genres. Over four exhilarating days, festival-goers can expect an eclectic mix of Techno, Bass Music, Reggae, Progressive Trance, Hip-Hop, Psytrance, Dubstep, House, World Music, Drum and Bass, Folk, Funk, and Down-Tempo. This diverse offering ensures that every musical taste is catered to, creating a harmonic blend that epitomizes the unique spirit of Earth Frequency, secure your tickets now.

As the festival approaches, here’s a guide to Flow Music’s top 10 artists you won’t want to miss & their essential mixes.

1. Ann Clue

Ann Clue, hailing from Mannheim, Germany, is celebrated for her dynamic range of melodic to heavy bass-driven beats. Her sets traverse deep, dark melodies to acid-infused tracks, characterised by strong bass-lines and high energy. A prominent figure in the techno scene, Clue is a frequent collaborator with Boris Brejcha, further solidifying her influence and impact on the genre.

2. Deniz Bul

Experience the progressive rhythms of German artist Deniz Bul, whose music, influenced by Techno, Trance, and Minimal Techno, leads listeners on a sonic journey. Renowned for vibrant tracks like “This is It,” Bul tailors sets that dynamically respond to the audience, ensuring each performance is a one-of-a-kind experience. With a message proclaiming “The World Needs More Techno,” Deniz Bul delivers an electrifying musical experience not to be missed.

3. Metodi Hristov

Bulgarian-based Metodi Hristov showcases his truly unique style, spanning raw techno beats to the darker side of tech house. A lover of experimentation, he skillfully blends various music styles, yielding unexpectedly fantastic combinations. With tracks featured on major labels such as Set About and Terminal M, Hristov is a master at crafting complex rhythms that captivate and energise festival crowds.

4. Moritz Hofbauer

Moritz Hofbauer’s evolution from a young musician in Pforzheim, Southern Germany to a respected figure in the dance music scene highlights the transformative force of passion and innovation. With his contributions to Deep House and Melodic Techno, alongside a constant exploration of new musical horizons, Hofbauer secures his role in contemporary music’s vibrant story. Embracing the fusion of traditional musicianship with electronic production, his work resonates with the enduring allure of musical exploration.

5. SkiiTour

Get ready for an explosion of energy with the Canadian act SkiiTour, renowned for their high-octane funky breaks and drum and bass mixes. Their performances at the legendary Shambala festival in British Columbia are an annual highlight, featuring snow machines and ski goggles that contribute to a playful and immersive atmosphere.

6. Kasey Taylor

Dive into the deep, emotive world of Kasey Taylor, a veteran of the Melbourne progressive house scene. His ability to meld soulful melodies with uplifting rhythms makes his sets a transcendent experience, ideal for reflecting the transformative nature of Earth Frequency.

7. Gabriel Moraes

Experience the captivating intensity of Melbourne’s Gabriel Moraes and his dark techno beats. A favorite at festivals across Australia, we’re thrilled to have him on the lineup for Earth Frequency this year! Moraes is renowned for his powerful, immersive soundscapes that draw listeners into a profound state of musical meditation, perfectly aligning with the festival’s emphasis on deep connections.

8. Sean Grimes

Playing Flow Music’s showcase at Love Camp at this years festival, don’t miss Sean Grimes, a dynamic and multi talented DJ & producer. His catchy, upbeat tracks are perfect for anyone looking to dance their heart out, adding a vibrant layer of joy to the festival’s diverse lineup.Sean Grimes will be having some of his tracks released through Flow Music this year!

9. Lostboy Ludo

Also performing at Flow Music love camp show is Lostboy Ludo, whose innovative approach to music production offers a fresh experience. His artistic performances are not just heard but felt, making him a must-see for those looking to discover new dimensions of electronic music. His Reverie parties in the Byron Shire are legendary mainly due to his charisma and skill behind the decks!

10. Phil Smart

Experience the seamless blends of house and techno by Phil Smart, a widely respected figure in the Australian electronic scene. His deep knowledge and passion for music are evident in every set, making him a pillar of the Earth Frequency lineup and a Flow Music Favourite.

As Earth Frequency Festival prepares to open its gates, you’re invited join in this celebration of sound, spirit, and community. Whether you’re drawn by the eclectic lineup or the promise of an enriching community experience, Earth Frequency is the place to be this coming May. Book your tickets, dive into the artists sounds, and get ready for a festival experience that promises to be unforgettable. Tickets are now in the 4th release click here to secure yours now!


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