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Elliott Creed’s ‘Make Me Fly’ Out Now: A Soaring Debut for Art of Connection

In the ever-evolving world of electronic music, few moments are as exhilarating as the birth of a new label. It’s the promise of new sounds, new influences, and new possibilities. This season, the Australian music scene welcomes a fresh and vibrant addition: Art of Connection, founded by the visionary Djilang (Geelong) producer, Elliott Creed. With its pilot release, “Make Me Fly,” Art of Connection not only sets the bar high but also outlines its mission to redefine the boundaries of dreamy melodic house music.

“Make Me Fly” intricately weaves together lush melodies, enchanting vocals, and a tapestry of rich harmonic layers, creating a soundscape that is both emotive and uplifting. This debut single invites listeners to lose themselves in an immersive world, where music transcends the mere act of listening and becomes a journey of sensory exploration. (Click here to buy or stream) 

Art of Connection embodies this ethos, striving to create a space where music goes beyond the dance floor to spark deeper, more introspective engagement. With its debut, the label outlines a future where music is a lived experience, felt and explored on multiple levels.

This debut release is a bold statement of intent from Elliott Creed, promising that the label will be a beacon for boundary-pushing soundscapes and transformative musical experiences. Elliott Creed’s vision, talent, and dedication position him and his label as ones to watch in the dynamic landscape of electronic music.

Listen to ‘Make Me fly’ and more music that Flow suggests by following the playlist below, or click here to buy/stream Elliotts new release.

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