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EINMUSIK Chats Upcoming Releases, ADE & Flow Sessions 102!

Renowned Berlin based label head EINMUSIK, is a highly respected figure in melodic house and techno community.

Berlin-based musician and label head Einmusik is considered to be one of the most acclaimed representatives of Melodic House & Techno, and deservedly so. With a musical cosmos that straddles some of the world’s most esteemed imprints such as Stl Vor Talent, Diynamic, Katermukke, Suara, and Bedrock among others, the German producer’s boundless creativity has resulted in a desire to produce under multiple monikers; his real name (Samuel Kindermann) in addition to pseudonyms Resil, Ophir Project and Seriously Tight. We are very excited to have EINMUSIK join the Flow Family & proud to present his stellar mix for the 102nd edition of Flow Sessions!

Words from the artist: “Lean back, fasten your seat belts, launching this very deep and colourful mix. Carefully guiding you on this 3 and a half hour journey through a very wide range of Deep and Progressive House and Melodic Techno.”

Hi Samuel! Where are you currently speaking to us from?

Hey guys, thanks for having me. I’m in my studio right now, where I also recorded the set.

Please tell us about the influences and inspiration for your excellent Flow Sessions mix?
We’re having a very decent late summer here in Berlin and nature slowly showing us autumn colors. It’s still warm outside and in this vibe I started collecting songs for the mix. Finally this mix became an emotional journey starting from slow and warm and ending with some clubby feeling.

You recently released ’The One’s’ with Jordan Arts. How did that collaboration come about?
I was searching for some vocals to be added on recent half finished project I did last year. As I was also preparing songs for Nora I asked her and she sent me various vocalists she and her label are working with. For me it was and instant match with Jordan and working with him was very productive and we smoothly finished the song by sending us new parts. The result was convincing everyone and the reactions while playing where fantastic the moment we started playing it.

You are about to release ‘Let Me Out’ with Diana Miro on Embassy of Music. Please tell us a bit more about the track and working with Diana More.
Diana and I know us already a couple of years and we always wanted to work with each other. As we both were permanently very busy it took some years to find the perfect spot and song to do it. I had a couple of finished songs ready and sent her these finals so she could freely vibe around. I think it was also the first idea she came up with I took for ‘Let Me Out’. These vocals really take the whole vibe of the song to another level.

Which other artists would be your dream to collaborate with?
I’m a big fan of Cassian. His mixes and songs are always the highest level. This could be a very inspiring collab production for me.

We seen that you’re celebrating a landmark achievement this year, with 15 Years of your Einmusika Recordings label. What can people expect from the label to mark this milestone?
When I started the label, I never thought about reaching these kinda milestones, but yes, Einmusika is turning 15 and we will celebrate it with a huge and strong compilation mid-December with of course 15 songs and artists. I’m really glad having this baby still running.

You are playing at ADE this month. Tell us a bit more about the party you’re playing at as we see it’s on a boat.
Yes, we are going on a boat trip with the Ritter Butzke crew and some artists from the Netherlands. I am really looking forward to it, as it’s a different surrounding than a club and I am happy to share some new tunes there. 

When you’re not touring or in the studio, how do you like to unwind?
I’m enjoying to cook whilst having a decent glass of wine or champagne. Currently, I decompress a little while being on the road driving to the mountains, just with myself. 

What else can people expect from Einmusik from the rest of 2023 and into 2024?
2023 is coming to an end but I still have some projects to be released. There is an organic Paige remix of my song ‘Arrival’ in November, another collab with Richard Judge which I have just finished, and of course the 15 Years of Einmusika compilation. Additionally, I started a monthly new YouTube series called ‘Taste The Mix’ where I invite a DJ friend to have a 90 minutes B2B while we also cook us a meal and have a good time.
Please can you add: Einmusik & Jordan Arts ’The One’s’ is out now on Purified Records. Buy / Stream at Einmusik & Diana Miro ‘Let Me Out’ on Embassy Of Music is out on 13th October. Pre-order here Einmusik’s 15 Years Of Einmusika compilation is out in mid-December.

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