Wilma Provides 333 Sessions With A Cinematic Mix Of Deep/Melodic House

She is an Australian DJ from Melbourne who plays live cello and has also answered some interview questions.

Wilma is an Australian DJ and cello player who has added strings to tracks released on labels such as Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream.

Wilma is a Melbourne-based DJ and musician, known for her emotive, melodic beats and live cello performances.

Wilma is first and foremost a storyteller. The gifted cellist and formidable DJ is creating a narrative all of her own as she continues to create waves in the Australian and international electronic music scene.

Discovering her gift for music at a young age, she began learning the cello and quickly became completely engrossed in the many layers and flavours of music available to her. Enmeshing classical with modern, industrial beats and soundscapes, she has very clearly carved herself out an enviable niche.

Fast becoming one of the most in-demand musicians in Melbourne, she can be found on tracks with Sandeep on Die Stube Records, as well as at some of the biggest international and local festivals, weaving her melodic and emotive passages into big grooves and driving percussion.

We thank her for taking time out of her busy schedule to not only record an exclusive 3 hour and 33 minute mix for Flow, but to also answer some questions.

Firstly, thank you for creating such a hypnotic and emotive mix for Flow Sessions. How did you find the process of putting this mix together and do you have your own particular highlights in terms of the tracks you decided to include?

Thanks for the kind words, I’m very pleased it translated as I intended.

I found the process to be challenging, educational and extremely rewarding all at the same time. On the one hand, it is a delight to have three and a half hours to build a journey with, but on the other hand the tracks must be very carefully selected in order to achieve this. This can be time consuming and frustrating but the overall outcome makes it worthwhile.

I was particularly excited to include some fresh original music; this is an incredible feeling as a newcomer to production. I also took some time off to travel around Europe during the winter months and found that I was able to draw a lot of inspiration from various different experiences, particularly from the gigs I went to and the people I met along the way. Perhaps you can hear some of this European influence in the mix.

Playing live cello has most certainly given you a wonderful point of difference in both the sets you play, and with DJs and producers you support and collaborate with. How did this integration with electronic music come about?

The idea of this concept sprouted when I was living in London back in 2014, where I decided to learn how to DJ, and eventually I began experimenting with the instrument and decks combined. Prior to my stint in London, I completed a Bachelor of Film Production at Bond University on the Gold Coast, where I majored in sound design. This was a stepping stone that sparked my interest into electronic music, DJing and music production.

Where does your inspiration come from when creating a track?

Having experience designing soundscapes for film along with my classical training, I find that I am drawn to atmospheric and emotive sounds within tracks. I endeavour to tell a story in my music and mixes and however the listener interprets the story is completely personal. This is the magic that music brings us all.

Who are some of your favourite producers to work with and what do you look for when deciding who to collaborate with?

Recently I have been very lucky to have worked with a bunch of my favourite artists here in Australia and also abroad, including Liam Sieker, Andy Woldman (Mexico), Double Touch, CAIN, Thankyou City and Sandeep (Netherlands), just to name a few.

When bringing the cello to the studio, it is important that the music offers space for its powerful, haunting sound. Because of this, I tend to work more productively with artists who are writing melodic and emotive tracks usually within the house and techno bracket.

Also any emerging producers / DJs that have captured your attention recently?

Definitely, I can name many across the country. The most recent that comes to mind is Coco Brown from Brisbane who has been making serious waves up and down the east coast bringing her signature grooves and formidable DJ skills to the scene.

Gigs and festivals are now back in full swing in Australia after some pretty hard years for artists and events – how does it feels to be performing in front of full audiences again and were there any nerves going back into that first gig?

It feels incredible to be performing regularly again. I do sometimes get a bit nervous before playing to large crowds, however I find they are necessary for creating performance adrenaline. I have a pretty good relationship with nerves these days.

Your music has taken you around the world. Where are some of your favourite places you have played, and where are you headed next?

That is a tough question…the Bahamas Atlantis Resort, Las Vegas (MGM Grand Arena) and Burning Man are up there. But in all honesty, I’ve been blessed with so many wonderful opportunities and experiences that there are too many to choose from really.

I am out at Elements Festival this weekend, which is always a wonderful experience for me. Trent, Dave and the whole team do a brilliant job at taking art, music, camping and entertainment to another level.

Any new music coming out that we should keep an eye out for?

Yes, Boy With Boat has just released a monster of an album on Open Records. I was delighted to record strings for his track ‘Perspective’ which is also the title of the album. I totally recommend checking it out!


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