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Steve Parry chats Selador’s 10th Anniversary, biggest influences & his mix for Flow Sessions 104!

Selador Recordings 10th Anniversary release ‘Selador Decade EP V’ is out now

Steve Parry is a top DJ in the UK, known for performing alongside big names in the industry. He has strong ties to Liverpool, with a notable residency at Cream and involvement in 3Beat Records. He’s also a promoter and co-founder of the iconic Selador label. Steve’s global performances include iconic venues like Watergate, Ministry of Sound, and Space Ibiza. His productions have been featured on labels like Bedrock and Selador. We are thrilled to have him for episode 104 of Flow Sessions, he was also kind enough to answer some questions about life music & more!.

What was the creative spark or concept behind this mix, what emotions or atmosphere were you aiming to convey to the listeners?
I decided to go on a house music voyage, and keep it within the realms of house music for the duration, visiting vocals, acid lines, tougher sounds and uplifting moments, but always with a house music slant. I suppose it would be like me coming to play at an after party of a friend’s who love house music, so I didn’t want to take it too heavy edged or too wonky on this occasion. I also didn’t want to limit myself to just playing brand new music, as I’m more than happy to play tracks that are older in my sets – for me its about the right track at the right time, rather than how new a track is. So you have tracks that are 1 week old to tracks from 20+ years ago , and everything in-between here for you.I suppose this mix was subconsciously inspired by seeing Danny Howells play at an intimate party at ADE – where he just kept it housey all night, and the crowd were lapping it up. And I thought ‘i want to do some sets that’ haha. the mix isn’t what Danny was playing, I just loved the vibe. And I am certianly not comparing myself to Sir Danny of Howells, as he’s the don!

Can you walk us through your track curation process for a mix that reflects your unique style and sound?
Well theres old and new, and deeper moments to peak time vibes here, and theres darker vibes to singalong tracks. I love so many styles of music, that its sometimes difficult to reflect all of my musical tastes, but this is a nice selection of the house music that I love. I also tried to not play too many tracks that I’ve used in other mixes, so as to keep it a bit different. Tracks that i play in my sets sometimes, but not usually a whole set of them all together like this. I’ve been collecting house music since 1987, so it’s not like i’m short of music to play… i could have easily done a 7 hour mix for you….

Which artists or record labels have significantly influenced and shaped your style, and how have they impacted your approach to music?
In this mix I start with Danny Tenaglia – and a lesser knoiwn track of his that I love so much. he is such a powerful character and influential factor for, and its great to see him still doing what he does so well. There artists like Jimpster, who has the magic touch, and I seem to love everything they do – they encapsulate quality house music for me, the same for Francois Kevorkian – an absolute legend with the midas touch.Aside from this mix i’m influenced by so many from Larry Levan to Laurent Garnier, via John Digweed and DJ Harvey. I’m a musical magpie that just gets easily excited by a track, old or new. I’m obsessed with all things Paradise Garage related, and I spent a fortune buying obscure 70’s underground disco for many years on vinyl. Laurent Garnier is a master, he always seems to play something that I really don’t expect to hear, and always finds a track or two thats so heavy and mid melting that it freaks me out 9in the best possible way). DJ Harvey I’m discovering more and more about, and his amazing musical tastes that are so far and wide, that you really do not know what is coming next in his sets. John Digweed has been a seriously consistent DJ for me since the mid 90’s. Always forward thinking, and an absolute craftsman at constructing sets.So many others from Graeme Park – the Hacienda legend, amazing DJ and thoroughly nice chap, Dave Seaman (i’m not contracted to have to mention Dave (!!), but he really has been influential for me), The chemical Brothers who continue to amaze me, to Greg wilson – An encyclopaedia of dance music history who plays seriously great DJ sets, Sasha was my first DJ hero and he still defies what is doable in a set, and so many more.. i could go on for hours to be honest about artists, dj’s and labels that influence me

In your view, how is the electronic music scene evolving, and what do you believe are the most exciting developments or trends to watch for?
I do think technology and ideas should always be embraced. Things always need to develop to keep things fresh.I’ve no idea how AI will change things with regards to DJ-ing, i’m quite certain it can never replace an influential DJ though, I think the human mind of a musical genius will always trend set and inspire. Obviously AI could make a DJ set within a genre, but that does nothing for me to be honest.I can see AI changing things in studio production, which could be exciting for ‘ideas’ in the studio. Again though, I think it ‘could’ make a track that sounds like other tracks, but its not going to make music that inspires… but with The Beatles for example extracting John Lennon’s vocal from a cassette tape, and removing the paino – that is an exciting thing to be able to do. And I can see lots of parts, vocals and samples from tracks that were never usable being used.

Could you share a memorable moment or a particularly challenging obstacle you encountered during the creation of this mix, and how did it shape the final outcome?
Jark Prongo – Shake It (which I probably haven’t played for 20 years) popped in to my head when i was making the mix, and so i slotted it in the mix, and then I decided to go for a disco slanted dance floor classic gem ‘Walking on Sunshine’ by Rockers Revenge. I’ve actually used 2 different versions of this track, and mixed and looped between them both to give it a unique version, which was making me jump up and down rather excitedly… that was a moment – well for me at least

Congratulations on the 10th Anniversary of your & Dave Seaman’s label, Selador! What have been your personal and label highlights over the last 10 years?
Thank you! I sometimes feel like we are quite new to it all – but a decade is quite an achievement when you think about it.It has always been a labour of love running the label, and never about money (thank goodness haha). I love every release, or we wouldn’t have released it. We are very fussy about what we release – dave and I have to both love a track, or it doesn’t make the cut.I am very proud of the Decade EPs. 40 artists, who collaborated to deliver 20 tracks, to celebrate 10 years, and released over 5 EPs.As you can imagine it was a lot of work, going back and forth and scheduling with 40 artists and their teams… but the artists that have collaborated are spectacular, we are so happy with how it turned out.

How did the collaborations come about?
Dave and I literally made a list of artists that we would like to ask, and then we started asking. It was a wish list of people who we both admire, most of we know, or had spoken to, but a few we hadn’t.
When we approached some artists, they gave us ideas of who they wanted to work with, and we tried to make it happen (it nearly always did happen!) and then some we suggested possibly collaborators too. It was a mixture of seeing who was available, who was up for a collaboration, and a lot of updates from all parties.For example, I suggested Dave Seaman made a track with Hernan Cattaneo – they’ve been friends for decades but never made a track together. I suggested Timo Maas should make a track with Robert Babicz – again they are friends who love each others music but never thought to work together.So many of these ideas happened – just from suggestions, and then chats, and then to them delivering absolute gems of tracks to us!

Which collaboration are you most proud of?
Well to save any arguments between the 40 artrists, I suppose I should pick my own tracks… So Renato Cohen – i’ve been a fan of for so long, and he has remixed my tracks for me previously. He originally said he doesn’t make collaborations, and beer has done… soI did the hard sell.. and it worked ‘Marmalade Skies’ was born! Renato and I both love acid lines, and so an acid banger was pretty inevitable!Also chatting with Captain Mustache, as he wanted to be part of the Selador family, and before we knew it, we were sending each other track ideas back and forth and both working on it, and then with Mario Franco involved too, the track kept evolving in to what became ’Nuvem’, (which is Portuguese for ‘Cloud’). This was the final track for the final EP – the final piece of the jigsaw as it were., which was a very nice thing to do.– What would be your dream collaboration?
Maybe something bonkers like DJ Harvey and Laurent Garnier. Disco Techno anybody?

What upcoming projects or releases can your fans look forward to on your label Selador?Well my new track ‘Nuvem’ was released earlier this month as part of Selador Decade EP 5 – alongside so many others Charles Webster x Ursula Rucker, Bebetta x Smash TV,and Robert Babicz x Timo Maas. It’s not too shabby if I say so myself.We have the Decade mix coming very soon – Dave and I have mixed all 20 tracks from the 5 x Decade EPs’, in to one DJ mix, like a big celebration of our 10th year in one handy mix form…And the rest.. you’ll have to wait and see – but we have some very exciting bits coming in 2024 – I don’t want to spill the beans just yet.

Any plans for another tour of Australia? Your last one was with Dave Seaman, will you guys tour here together again?
Nothing for me In Australia booked as yet – but I would love to do Aus and NZ again. Also I loved playing USA in the summer, so that would be a dream to return to.You’ve got me thinking now – so any promoters in those spots, hit me up! 2024 is already looking pretty exciting – and I’m adding new dates every day to my DJ diary, and also my studio diary too – a few original tracks from me forthcoming, as I haven’t made any solo tracks for a while but also some more exciting collaborations too.

Is there a special message or something specific you’d like to share with the fans who have supported your journey?
Firstly – a Big Thank You!It’s always nice to have people share the love of music with you, and so many like minded people, who love life, and music really is the answer for them. It’s always great to have people that follow me at gigs, wherever it may be. Its amazing that I keep finding new fans. For example I met so many people in USA, NZ and Australia, (and many more) who now speak to me on socials, and this is a very lovely thing to happen. And I have many fans in the UK who I love to chat to before or after DJ gigs… I really get excited when I’m playing a track to them, and I know certain people in the crowd are going to particularly love certain tracks.Thank you for dancing, smiling and sharing the love of a great tune.

Can you please share with us two tracks for our Spotify Playlist: Flow Music Suggests?
I’ll pick two from the mix, one old and one new So lets add ’Nuvem’ from me, Captain Mustache and Mario Franca. I know I’m biased, but I do love it! Plus a classic, Osulnade – Envision (Ame Mix) as it’s a timeless gem that could have been made yesterdayThanks for having me!

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