Alex Stein remixes Dusty Kid’s classic “Kore” for the Cosmic Boy’s label Legend

Available In Stores 11 February 2021

Alex Stein is a German producer famed for his works on imprints such as Filth on Acid, Terminal M, Tronic and Senso Sounds.

Dusty Kid’s classic track Kore was an anthem of the minimal genre when it hit its peak of popularity in the mid 2000’s and the Cosmic Boys have licensed it to their label Legend for a special 2021 remix release.

Cosmic Boys themselves feature one of the remixes, with the other three on the package coming from Alex Stein, Nure and Frank Deka.

All of four of the remix versions transform the track into a thumping techno monster that’s perfect for the tougher sounds of today’s modern dance floors.

Alex Stein’s remix is the one that caught our attention most with its rumbling low end and pulsating groove that meshes perfectly with the iconic melody pads of Kore. Ramping up the tension, the dark atmosphere creates an intensity that makes us extra sad that there aren’t any clubs open right now, as this track would truly rock a dance floor to its core!

You can pre-order a copy of the release from HERE


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