Stil vor Talent drop a debut album by, Hidden Empires, and we’ve premiered the epic opening track.

Available In Stores 5 February 2021

Hidden Empires drop a truly mesmerising album of exquisite melodic house on Stil vor Talent that takes you on a journey.

Stil vor Talent is a label known for its melodic sound that incorporates techy elements, organic textures and epic synth lines. It’s roster of artists includes the likes of Roman Fluegel, Einmusik and Rodriguez Jr. amongst its dazzling array of talent.

German duo, Hidden Empires are next up on Stil vor Talent with an album titled “Lost Spirits” which showcases the fuss spectrum of their broad style including hauntingly beautiful cuts like “Hiding”, down tempo organic moods such as “Organic Train”, and the breakbeat rhythms of “Single Instance”

Touching on numerous different parts of the dancefloor and also entering into the realms of home listening, it’s a well thought out collection of tracks that really showcases Hidden Empires.

The only sound not covered is techno, as although this album has techy elements, it is far removed from what Hidden Empires have put out on labels such as Octopus. Instead, it focuses on a deeper and more melody lead sound, where the percussion compliments the synths rather than drive them.

You really can hear the time and attention to detail that Hidden Empires have invested into each of the 16 tracks, but the opening track, “Some Kind Of Trip” is the one that really grabbed us the most, as it’s the opening track to the release. It really does a great job of setting the scene and building anticipation for what’s to follow.

You can pre-order a copy from HERE


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