Sabo’s record label Sol Selectas releases epic compilation, “Summer Sol IX”

It features 25 organic house tracks by artists from around the world.

‘Summer Sol’ is an annual compilation from Sol Selectas, which is an influential organic house record label run by Sabo.

Each year the compilation collects music from around the world, and is often a breeding ground for new artists who are releasing on Sol Selectas for the first time. There is also music from the likes of Sabo, Derun, Guy Maayan, and Desert Dwellers who have all released on Sol Selectas in the past.

The 2024 edition of Summer Sol marks the ninth year of the release’s concept, and it includes 25 tracks with origins in over 17 different countries. Many of the tracks are inspired by traditional music from local folk law, giving the release a multi-cultural sound.

Taking traditional instruments and chord structures from around the world and mixing them with modern electronic sounds, is something that Sol Selectas is best known for, and this release perfectly embodies the label’s core philosophy.

Some of the standout tracks include the spellbinding clarinet and melodic synths of “Marasi” by Yanni Feat. DeMarin. “Cumbia” by Ariaz has upbeat carnival-style percussion, and “BuVu” by Hoke Feat. Idd Aziz is soulful Afro house with a feel-good vibe.

There is so much goodness on this release, and it’s great nourishment for mind, body and soul.

Get the release HERE.


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