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SHARE’s Journey: From Festival Sets to Studio Magic – An Inside Look at Her Latest EP ‘Moon’

Sharon Pieksma, better known as SHARE, has spent the past year captivating audiences worldwide with her infectious beats and positive energy. Fresh off her global tour, she returned to the studio to create the mesmerizing Firewalk EP, released on Oliver Koletzki’s label, A Tribe Called Kotori. This EP encapsulates the essence of her incredible experiences and the multitude of inspiring people she encountered on her travels. Now, the internationally acclaimed Dutch artist is back with her highly anticipated EP, Moon, which dropped on all platforms June 28th via Mobilee Records. This latest work promises to deliver her innovative blend of indie dance and deep house, showcasing SHARE’s unique sound and artistic evolution. (Buy or stream by clicking here)

1) Hi SHARE, nice to see you again. We’ve loved you since watching your set at the Monastery Festival in Germany in 2022 and your positive energy behind the decks. It was also fun to run into you on the dancefloor at Garbicz, festival in Poland later that year. Any plans to come to Garbicz, again this year?

Thank you so much! It was great meeting you, too, such a lovely vibe at Garbicz. I’m going back again this year (I’ve actually never missed a year as it’s one of my favourite festivals, I always go even if im not playing.

2) When you play at festivals, do you prefer playing in daylight or starlight?

I find it tough to choose. Playing in the sunlight is great, but I also enjoy later sets when everyone is filled with high energy. That’s when you can really rock the stage with the music and vibe. But if I really have to choose between festivals or clubs, I choose a festival. It’s an experience and everyone is just in a super good vibe!

3) You’ve been busy in the studio after extensively touring last year. Tell us a little about your process.

Everywhere I go, I take my little studio with me. I don’t need much more than a computer and a good pair of headphones. I’ve been focusing as much as possible on creating music although sometimes it’s tough whilst touring. I’m privileged to have many friends around the world who let me use their studios toge

4) You’re a really accomplished pianist and we love what that brings to your music. When you begin writing a tune, do you start with the beats or do you compose the melody on the keyboard first?

Thank you! I always start with the groove of a track, then I play around with melodies. That’s the same with the piano. I mostly do everything in Ableton, and sometimes I play around on the piano and use the good parts.

5) We love the soulful sounds of title track Moon from the latest EP. It’s a tune that resonates with us; there is obviously plenty of emotion contained within. Can you tell us more about the track?

I love evoking emotions through music and this track has turned out beautifully, with more depth than my usual work. I didn’t want to force the sounds. It was simply a beautiful journey and you can hear that throughout the entire EP.

6) How did you meet Gioz, and what was he like to work with?

Cioz is a good friend and an incredible human being. Working with him is the best. He is a very good producer and I’ve been following his music for a long time. We properly met at afrika, burn and hung out together. I remember one night, we took a walk together across the playa at night, but it was so cold! So we found some cushions and we both sat down and fell asleep. When we woke up, he said “Oh no! I have to play in 5 minutes!” We stood up and started running to the gig on the other side of the playa. We arrived dripping with sweat, but we were laughing so hard. Good memories.

7) The second track on the EP, Connection, is really bouncy, we love its jazzy, deep house sound. What was the inspiration behind the track?

This track has a super groovy vibe. I’m a big fan of Deep House, it just creates a great mood. I used my voice in both tracks, and it felt really powerful. Every time I played them, it’s been an amazing experience.

Playing “Connection” in the middle or at the end of a set brings a special vibe, especially because I chose interesting lyrics

8) What’s next for SHARE in the second half 2024 and beyond?

I am focusing on several more EPs. I plan to have plenty of studio time but I also have a couple of exciting tours coming up. First, Europe, then I’m heading over to the other side of the world 🙂


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