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Amir Telem releases new organic house EP, ‘Govinda Bawa’

The three-track release is out now via the Earthly Delights record label.

Amir Telem drops a new EP that blurs the lines between Afro house and organic house, as he combines tribal percussion with atmospheric synths.

The release is from the Earthly Delights record label that has become a mainstay of the organic house scene, following classic releases by icons such as Be Svendsen and Armen Miran.

Hailing from America, Amir Telem is an expressive artist whose style always has a melodic core, but ranges from indie dance to progressive house. For this release, he has showcased the organic side of his sound, which has powerful synth melodies.

Prior to this Earthly Delights debut, Amir Telem had already established himself with tracks and remixes released by other noteworthy record labels such as Bar 25, Pipe & Pochet, Mango Alley and Rebirth.

“Govinda Bawa” is the EP’s title track, and it has got flowing conga drums layered with a throbbing synth bass, and dramatic pan pipe bursts. Its captivating vocals are the main focal point, and they fill the track with an uplifting mood.

Track two, “Jharikhanda Forest” opens with rainforest atmospherics and flowing percussion. The main focus is a haunting synth melody with sparse notation that adds tension to the track’s hallucinatory vibe.

The last of the three, “Mohini,” is a mystical track with captivating suspense and powerful vocals, that give it a spine-tingling atmosphere. It is an intense cut with acid synths and a medley of spectral sounds, giving it a haunting vibe full of tension.

Out now, buy the release HERE.


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