We premiere Truncate’s new track on Ellen Allien’s BPitch Control.

Available In Stores 29 January 2021

Truncate has been a feature on labels like Arts, EI8HT, Blueprint Records, and he gives us a masterclass in brutal simplicity with his new track, “Basic”.

Ellen Allien is a legend of the techno community whose label BPitch Control has also been at the forefront of electronic music culture, and its new release is a 33-track compilation linked to the Berlin based “We Are Not Alone” event series.

In these tough times of the COVID pandemic, clubbing culture has been hit hard with dancefloors all over the world closed until further notice. Compilations like this are a great way to continually connect with fans, and bring together artists who would normally interact with each other in the DJ booth.

We Are Not Alone is the event that Ellen Allien runs, and it’s a techno focused party that not only champions local talent, but also flies in influential DJs from around the globe.

The compilation has been split into three parts each with eleven tracks, and includes tracks by influential artists such as Cosmin TRG, Setaoc Mass, Rebekah, Shlomi Aber and Ellen Allien herself, but our personal favourite is a cut by the legendary Truncate called “Basic”.

Truncate is part of the Droid Behaviour crew from LA, and was also known for his harder tracks as Audio Injection, before becoming known for the stripped back and loopy style.

Overall, every track on the compilation is great, but the bleeping melody and raw kick drum of Truncate’s brutally hypnotic track really caught our attention with its thrashing hi hats and thumping groove.

Check out our exclusive premiere of Truncate’s track, “Basic”, and you can pre-order the full release from HERE


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