Floyd Vader: Afro-Latin Rhythms & House Unite in New Mix For Flow Sessions 109

From the vibrant shores of Virginia Beach to the pulsing nightclubs of New York City and beyond, Decimus Yarbrough, better known as Floyd Vader, has crafted a niche that transcends traditional musical boundaries. As a revered musician, dancer, and community organizer based in Portland, Floyd has become synonymous with a sound that is as diverse as his own background.

In his latest endeavor for Flow Sessions 109, Floyd Vader takes his audience on an auditory journey that begins with the energetic rhythms of Afro and Latin beats, before transitioning into the deeper, soul-stirring realms of tech and jazzy tones. This mix not only showcases his flawless blend of House music with ethnic vibrations but also highlights his profound understanding of musical impact where every beat and note carries the weight of a narrative.

Raised in a musically enriched environment, Floyd honed his skills in percussion and various other instruments from a young age. His production imprint, “Deep Like…”, echoes his eclectic taste, blending Afro-Latin, Soulful, and Deep Melodic sounds, with noteworthy releases on labels like Ocha Records and Yoruba Records. His background in West African dances, Hip Hop/Bboying, and Capoeira infuses his music with an infectious energy that is palpable on the dance floor.

Floyd’s mix for Flow Sessions 109 not only reflects his mastery over diverse musical styles but also underscores his dedication to lifting spirits and spreading love through music. It is this innovative approach and heartfelt performance that continue to cement Floyd Vader as a formidable force in the world of electronic dance music.

As we look forward to his future endeavours, one thing remains clear: Floyd Vader is not just playing music; he is curating experiences that resonate with the soul, encouraging us all to feel the music, not just hear it.

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