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Inside ‘Keeper Of The Winds’: Moontide’s Journey Through Sound and Soul

Dive into Moontide’s key inspirations for his latest album

In his latest musical venture, “Keeper of the Winds,” Byron Bay/Melbourne-based DJ and multi-instrumentalist Moontide melds eclectic sounds from his global travels into a profound narrative of nomadic life and emotional reflection. This album, enriched by soaring strings and intimate piano, reflects his recent cinematic score work, dedicated to “the winds that carry prayer, and those who catch these calls for guidance” —echoing Moontide’s own search for solace and meaning through his music. Keeper of the Winds” is more than an album; it’s an immersive experience crafted by a visionary artist at a pivotal moment in his career.

Below, he shares the five key sources of inspiration that fuelled the creation of this captivating album.

Francesco Messina and Raul Lovisoni  – Prati Bagnati Del Monte Analogo (Song)


A friend sent me this track in lockdown 2020 and I was completely struck by its beauty. I would spend my days during that period trying to find a sunlit nook at my home in Melbourne, whilst the world was shut down to enjoy such pieces of music. The song has a repeating motif that guides the track deeper and deeper into emergence. It truly is ambient mastery.

This composition was a huge inspiration for my album, it  gave me permission to dive into the delicate themes of this record, and discover my own repeating motifs to place throughout the album. This can be found in foley recordings, piano melodies and the overall world that this record lives within.

Mark Nepo – Adrift (Poem)


This poem completely encapsulated how I felt during the writing of this album. I’ve never seen such a work that speaks to the beauty in the darker aspects of being human then this poem. It addresses for me the feeling of isolation in times of deep grief, and how more and more the subtleties in everyday life become more and more apparent ways to find beauty.

Writing this record was cathartic in its nature and I’m so grateful for this poem finding me during this period. At the time it seemed to offer back in words what I was trying to convey through the music.

Nick Cave & Sean O Hagan – Faith Hope And Carnage

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This book came very late in the making of this album. It was the last gust of inspiration needed to see the validity in releasing such a record. The way in which Nick speaks to art, grief and the creative process is incredibly inspiring. Releasing anything bound by such a deep sense of anguish, at times can feel narcissistic. Nick’s reflections on the importance of giving voice to this part of the self was beautiful and will stick with me throughout this life.

Remaining completely authentic in my creative process has become integral to me sustaining a life of devotion to the arts. This means occasionally putting out a record of this nature.

Aldous Harding (Live Concert)

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In the middle of compiling this album I went and caught Aldous Harding in Brisbane. I had seen her multiple times before but this felt particularly poignant. Witnessing her stage presence and ability to just  sit in the discomfort of silence was incredibly beautiful.

There is no fancy lighting, no charismatic monologues between songs, just her raw authentic quirky self. There’s something so alluring about simplicity in music and performance for me, a well timed cough echoing out through a quiet room, or an out of tune guitar that is needing to be tuned in the middle of a song. For me, beauty lies in the dissonance of life, and the more fake cosmetic layers we apply to being human, the less we become able to feel the pulsing soul beneath what is being created in front of us.

“Keeper Of The Winds” is out 30/05/24 preorder a copy of the album now by (Clicking Here)

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30/05 – Gasometer (Naarm)

08/06 – Mahico (Bundjalung)

10/06 – Breakfast Club (Naarm) – DJ Set

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