Baikal Nomads drops organic house compilation feat. K2W0, “Badarchin, Vol. 8”

It’s an 18 track release featuring music from different 9 countries.

Badarchin, Vol. 8 is an 18-track organic house compilation from the Baikal Nomads record label, and it’s an eclectic mix of tracks that combines dynamic drums with real instruments and mind-altering synths.

This release covers a full spectrum of organic house styles and tempos, lots of the tracks have psychedelic or enchanting atmospherics combined with earthy percussion. There are also influences from different cultures ranging from Celtic violin strings to Oriental flutes.

Lots of artists on the release have previously featured on other releases by the label, but there are also numerous Baikal Nomads debuts. The artists contributing music include Alacrán del Amor, JAVALI (MX), Andrew Shartner, Böle, Borowsky, Catatonique, Cereus, Dj Shaman, Dragon House, Jocan Deka, Samuel Wexler, K2W0, Kerem Genc, Lello Fusco, m.age.project, Makossa (IT), Niño Amarillo, Savanna, Sainz (VE), Tlazohtla and Yodh.

Lots of artists on the release also boast music on other influential organic house record labels such as Cosmic Awakenings, Cafe De Anatolia and Magician On Duty.

Whether it’s the throbbing bassline of K2W0’s “Here We Go” or the uplifting mood of Andrew Shartner’s “Prime,” this exceptional release is full of must have productions.

Get a release HERE.


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