Premiere: Ross Evans’ New EP On Fancuilli’s Saved Is Relentless!

Ross Evans has a blinding new EP out on Nic Fancuilli’s saved this week. We grabbed 5 minutes with the Welsh man to find get the low down.

Hi Ross, tell us about you?

Ross Evans: I’m the wrong side of 30! I’m from Wales but I moved to Amsterdam a few months ago. I’ve been producing, Djing, and working with other artists professionally since 2006

What made you get in to dance music?

Ross Evans:On my 18th birthday I went to my first club (as I always looked so young, I couldnt get into clubs before then) and I saw Sasha play at the Hippo Club in Cardiff. That night totally changed my whole life direction and I’ve always worked in electronic music since then

Where was your first gig?

Ross Evans: At university in Birmingham, I talked the student union into giving me my own night. I booked Steve Lawler to play and warmed up for him myself. At the time I thought I played ok but looking back, I still had a lot to learn. The party was awesome though and I did it for the whole 4 years I was at Uni.

How difficult was learning to produce?

Ross Evans: It took me a few years to understand what works sonically, and the most difficult part was getting the labels to listen to it. Once I had my first release on a good label then everything changed and suddenly people were asking me for music

Talk to us about your latest release and the inspiration behind it.

Ross Evans: I’m really excited about this new release. I always release 2 EP’s a year with Saved and I was due one, so I knuckled down in the Spring and tried to make something with a strong groove but with cool melody too. The 2 tracks Emperor and Relentless were what I came up with, and then the 3rd track ‘Get A Little High’ is a techno track I made a few years ago which everyone missed so we added that to the EP.

What’s the music scene like where you live and how often are you playing?

Ross Evans: So I recently moved to Holland which has over 1000 festivals per summer which is more than any other country per capita. The people live and breathe electronic music, as well as being very open, liberal and friendly, so it’s a natural place to live for someone like me.

Which other DJs or producers are you liking right now?

Ross Evans: Currently my favourite producers are Emanuel Satie, Latmun, Rodrigues Jr, Pele & Shawnecy, Hot Since 82, Bicep, Andhim

What are your go to labels?

Ross Evans: Truesoul, Saved, Circus, Knee Deep In Sound, Moon Harbour for me consistently churn out the quality

Tell us about your DJ setup

Ross Evans: Often I’ll play with Traktor with CDJ’s, but sometimes I like to go back to basics only with the CDJ’s. Pioneer really stepped up their game with the new 900NXSMK2 mixer so I’ll always play on that now.

What’s been your biggest achievement

Ross Evans: When I started producing, I wrote a note on my wall of my top target labels to try and release on. Cocoon, Saved, Mobilee, Rejected, Get Physical and Cecille and I managed to get releases on all of them which I never thought was possible for me.

What can we expect from you soon

Ross Evans: I’ve just made 6 new tracks which will be out after the summer which are a little bit different. Keep posted!

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