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Premiere: Mooglie and Sasson Tells Us About Their Stunning New Release On Kinesen Records

Available In Stores On January 24th

Mooglie and Sasson are a pair of French artists that are highly regarded within the club scene of Paris.

Both regularly collaborating on music; their next EP is forthcoming on KINESEN, and we have premiered their track “Riverhead”, plus caught up with the guys to find out more about the new release…

Hi Guys, can you start by telling us about yourselves, and how you first got into electronic music?

SASSON: I was 13 years old in 2008, already obsessed by music ever since I went on a Saturday to a Parisian record store where I was usually buying a lot and listening to some fresh release. The manager recommends me a compilation of a French radio (FG) including tracks from Chris Lake, Sebastien Leger, The Drill, Bel Amour etc… That’s literally how I’ve heard about it first and started digging electronic music. Started deejaying a year after and went to production classes two years later.

MOOGLIE: After having spent a few years as a bassist in a pop-rock band, giving gigs in various Parisian venues, I tried synthesizers to replace bass in several projects. When the band felt apart, in 2012, I then started to compose my own electronic music and since have launched many different projects.

Could you talk us through your new track “Riverhead”, and the EP that it features on?

M & S: We started working together more than a year ago. We had a lot of solo projects we’ve put together and reworked our way on both sides. “Riverhead” featured on our upcoming Hillside EP was an original melodic creation from Louis (aka Mooglie) remodelled together to reach our common ideas.

How did you meet the team behind Kinesen Records who are releasing your new EP, and is this your first release for the imprint?

SASSON: For the little story I’ve sent the first original mix of my new project “SASSON” last year to Kinesen and didn’t keep their attention! Six months later Parsifal (label co-owner) and I met randomly in a Parisian coffee through a common friend. That’s how everything started.

MOOGLIE: I was in the studio and Nicolas (aka Sasson) called me regarding the funny situation where he met the label owner of Kinesen. We had these two tracks in the pipe at the time, and he sent them straight over to me, and started working on the project straight away. 

Which other labels have you worked with, and what’s been your proudest moment to date?

M& S: Regarding our collab project we’ve already released with Emotive Sounds and BC2 (Balkan Connection’s sub-label). For now, on both EP we had moments to be proud of!
It’s been such a beginning for us: reached top 5 Melodic House & Techno Releases with Emotive and worldwide supports/features on an incredible amount of radio shows with BC2.

Have there been any big-name DJ’s supporting your music, and who is the DJ/producer that inspires you the most?

MOOGLIE: I am not too sure if my main sources of inspiration are DJs. I have many inspiration sources, depending on which part of the track I am into at the moment. For instance, regarding the rhythmic part I will seek influence in New Waves, French Touch and Alternative artists such as Yazoo, De Ambassade or Silent Circle. When it comes to melodic composing, I am really inspired (sometimes even transposing the tabs .. ahah) by Jazzmen such as Miles Davis or Bud Powell. For the overall mood of my projects I really like techno artists such Agents Of Time, Damon Jee and Rufus Du Sol.

Meanwhile, if I had to choose the most influential DJs to my sets and way of mixing I would say without hesitation Laurent Garnier, Black Madonna and DVS 1.

SASSON: There are too many producers nowadays to say that one precisely inspires me. However, trends and upcoming genre are strong sources of influence to me. Personally I really feel that the Israeli Indie Dance vibe has a great future!

What’s next in your schedule after the Kinesen Records release hits stores ‪on the 24th of January‬‬

M&S: Coming next for us: an EP on BigAl’s “Ready Mix Records” including two originals and three remixes delivered by our amazing friends Mozaïk (FR), Cee Elassaad & Music P.

Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers about?

M&S: It’s been a long way to this release and reaching precisely what we wanted here with the lovely advice and supports of the Kinesen Team ! So we hope that you’ll enjoy listening/playing this one as much as we enjoyed producing it. Stay tuned for what’s next!

You can pick up a copy of Mooglie and Sasson’s new release on Kinesen Records from HERE


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