Noir Music Welcomes Alex Mine With A Thumping Techno Track

Available In Stores On the 4th of October

Noir Music has become a trusted source for discovering the best new techno tracks, and the labels new release from A_GIM and Alex Mine is no exception.

Tilted “DUEL” the labels new EP is a duel artist release featuring an original track by A_GIM that also features a remix by Yan Cook alongside a second original from Alex Mine which has been reworked by Moteka.

From the release, we have been privileged to give our readers a first listen to the original mix of Alex Mine’s track Voices From The Sire.

Alex Mine is one of Italy’s finest who along with this debut on Noir Music have previously featured tracks on Filth on Acid, SCI+TEC, Phobiq and Terminal M.

Dark and seductive “Voices From The Sire” has a stuttered lead that nestled amongst the twisted euphoria of uplifting pads that contrast with the ominous bassline that fills the track with darkness.

Perfectly sculpted for maximum impact on the dancefloor, you can pre-order your copy from HERE.

Words by Jamie W


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