Modul Kollektiv on inspirations, future projects and his working relationship with ZEHN Records

We sat down with Modul Kollektiv ahead of his ‘Exide EP’ on ZEHN Records

Listen to his premiere track ‘Exide’

1. Hello, thanks for talking to us today. How’s your 2018 been so far?

Great so far. Next to my releases in September (Nightingale EP on Bad Life Records) and October (Organic EP on Kittball Records), I will be releasing my Exide EP this coming Friday on ZEHN Records. Most of the year I’ve been working on these EPs and I’m very happy to have such great end to 2018.

2. Congratulations on your ‘Exide’ EP, could you tell us a little more about the project?

Well, I am very much into melodic house and techno. Furthermore, I love organic sounds and due to this, I started experimenting years ago. I always want to go the extra mile to create something new, to create an atmosphere in my tracks, to play with sounds like shadow and light – and I think this can be heard in my tracks.

3. How was it working with ZEHN Records in this instance? And how do you feel your music resonates with their catalogue?

It fits perfectly. I sent a few demos to the heads of ZEHN Records. They run a more house-oriented label too and they liked my tunes but had problems to release them due to their label policy. They are good friends of mine and finally they came around to the idea of releasing more deep house/melodic house tracks on the label. ZEHN was born and my deep/melodic tracks got signed. I’m very happy about this cooperation because everyone is working hard and supports the artist.

4. Your ‘Africa’ EP last month saw you re-join the Kittball family after nearly a four-year absence. What has changed for you musically in that time period?

Not that much. I finished my master degree in Economics and was busy studying. But I never stopped djing and producing and finally I am back in biz. Of course, I tried to improve my skills – so I am really happy with all the feedback and the top ten listings for ‘Nightingale’ and ‘Organic’.

5. Away from making music, what else are you up to with your days? Where do you find your inspiration outside of music?

I am very addicted to the sun. So I love swimming – chilling on the beach and listening to the seashore. But also I like the dark side of Winter. In general I am more productive in the Winter season because I don’t go outside as much. Overall, I think my greatest inspiration is nature and all the things around us.

6. Beyond the most recent release, what else have you got in store for the coming months with releases and other projects?

Exide on ZEHN will be the last release for 2018. Of course, I am working on new tracks and projects. You need to know that I try to keep the full project in my own hands and to take responsibility in creating all aspects surrounding the track, for example I cut all the music videos, spots, and visual stuff on my own. I love to be creative. So keep an eye out for Modul Kollektiv in 2019.

Modul Kollektiv ‘Exide’ EP drops on ZEHN Records this Friday. Pre-order from Beatport


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