Dinkis serves up blissful electronica on Wout Records!

‘The Gaia’s Kisses’ smacks you right on the sweet spot…

Dinkis, the soul and musical heart of Wout Records delights us with his new work. Although highly variable, all tracks of the EP show key features such as reduced speed, focus on limited numbers of instruments, strong dynamics and touching minor tonality. It seems that he has grown up from its previous EP. This time too, Dinkis shows his inner connection to nature.

“The Gaia’s Kisses”, a musical ode to Mother Earth, starts with quiet and light arpeggiators, increases to a synthesizer explosion and then slowly disappears again. Impressive are the outbursts of volume at isolated parts of this composing. “My Heroes” is introduced with a nearly 3 minute groovy bass sound surface, driven by a polyrhythmic pattern arrangement. From the middle, the track is characterized by a striking and varied 909 electro drums and then suddenly beginning of the main melody.

Pure goosebumps. In “From World Lost”, Dinkis grabs deeply into the changing facets and mutations of lead sounds. It’s like various synthesizers are talking in a dynamic conversation. The EP culminates in “L’Ombra Dell’Uomo Invisibile”, which is definitely the most emotional track. This brilliant, musical masterpiece shows his professional virtuosity. Once again, Dinkis reveals to us a deep insight into his innermost being, his thoughts, his feelings, which he transforms into compositions like no other.

The Gaia’s Kisses is out 26/10/2018! Buy it here:


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