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Melchior Sultana (Profound Sounds) – Top Five Studio Items…

Profound Sound boss enlightens us with his studio favs!

With a recent release with deep house maestro, Jus Ed on his label Profound Sound, and someone who dedicates his life to music and its many pathways.

Maltese multi instrumentalist, Melchior Sultana is no stranger to the studio and all of its accessories so we thought it appropriate to ask him what his Top Five Studio Items are…

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1. Akai MPC

The MPC has been part of my workflow almost from the beginning, I discovered it by seeing another artist perform with it and thought that’s an interesting instrument. When I got it I realised how powerful and how much it was going to become the center of my setup.

2. Fender Rhodes

This is probably the instrument that made me fall in love with the deeper and jazzier side of House music, As a kid hearing recorded DJ sets I would be fascinated by the sound of the Rhodes on top of a 909 groove and that pushed me into discovering the deeper and more musical side of things and to later on study the instrument. 

3. Fender Stratocaster

The extension to my soul, I studied the guitar after the piano but it soon became my main instrument and an essential part of my live setup. Unfortunately I get a lot of comments like ‘The Guitar gives a chilled aspect to the music in a club” and I understand that the beat is king but I’m about the music and not the beats.

4. Moog Little Phatty

This is such a classic instrument and a standard, All I need is a MPC, Rhodes and a Moog and we can start stacking albums upon albums, I use the Moog probably like for what most people do and that’s for bass and leads mainly.

5. Roland TR8

This has been one of the best most recent instruments I have got, The instant groove and sound is impeccable, The same can apply to all drum machines, It’s cool to have a library of sampled sounds but having the machine in front of you alive and groovin is another thing. 


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