Electronic Fusion Artist ‘Filizola’, Prepares Our Latest Risers Mix

Combining electronica, rock, jazz and blues, the Mexican has crafted his own unique style

We also spoke to Filizola about his musical career and upcoming plans.

Hello Filizola! It’s a pleasure to speak with you. To get things started, can you tell us a little about your beginnings with music, especially electronica?

Filizola: I started to listen to techno when I was 10 years old. It was a sound that I would never forget. I was so passionate about the genre that I played almost every day. I even venture to rent sound equipment for events and parties where I would DJ. All the money that I earned was spent on new CDs and cassettes.

EG: Which artists have played an important role in the development of your career as a producer?

Filizola: I would say from Mile Davis to Chic, Massive Attack and of course Gustavo Cerati, just to name a few.

“Ideas and melodies appear and I just let myself go”

EG: Tell us a little about your productions. Do you follow any creative process when producing a track? What inspires you?

Filizola: I constantly listen to music in words and in daily sounds. In my head, I am always composing. In the end, that’s the music, you know? Ideas and melodies appear and I just let myself go. Those elements added to everything I heard as a child end up becoming the inspiration to produce my tracks.

EG: Music is always evolving. How would you define your current style and how do you compare to the music you generated at the beginning of your career?

Filizola: I could define it as an electronic fusion where I incorporate multiple styles. Today I feel more complete in every way, over time I have gained experience so I like the music I do now more.

EG: How do you see the current situation of music in your country, Mexico, comparing it with what happens in other countries? Do you think there is a good platform for the development of new artists?

Filizola: Well, as in the whole world, the industry is also going through many chages. I think there aren’t many spaces and opportunities for young artists, especially here in Mexico. This is something that definitely must improve.

EG: Recently you have been publishing music on several international labels. Tell us a little about your last EP ‘2Da Beat’ with Alex Galván for Prison Entertainment … How did it come together?

Filizola: I’ve been working with Alex quite well; this is the second EP where we work together and I think we make a very good team. We understand ourselves at the moment of being in the studio, we have musical influences that conspire quite well. We have a new single and remixes of a track called ‘New Soul’, so expect it soon via the Russian label Soviett Records.

EG: What plans do you have for the summer? Any planned tour or maybe a new hit up your sleeve?

Filizola: On July 5 I’m releasing a new single that I really like, ‘Road to the Stars’, via Young Society, a label from Germany. I’m planning a tour Mexican tour including a few dates in Tulum.

EG: What do you want to achieve in the remainder of 2019?

Filizola: I’d love to play in Ibiza!

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