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Luigi Madonna Talks Naples & His New Documentary ‘Origin’

The revered techno artist is famed for his DJ sets and has released on labels including Drumcode.

Luigi Madonna is an Italian artist from Naples who is a dominant force in the global techno scene.

After starting his career in the local clubs of the Naples region such as Old River Park, he soon picked up a large fanbase of people who enjoyed the vigorous style and charismatic energy of his DJ sets.

Soon he decided to try his hand at producing his own records and after some hit tracks, he got noticed on a global scale, and started to get booked for gigs across Europe and other far-flung parts of the world.

Now working regularly with industry-leading techno labels like Adam Beyer’s Drumcode and Pan-Pot’s Second State, Luigi Madonna’s career is an impressive tale of raw talent and determination.

Coming soon is a new documentary telling his story, and we took the time to ask him about the forthcoming film, and the history of his meteoric rise to fame…

Hi Luigi, it’s nice to talk to you today. How has your lifestyle changed since the lockdown put the music industry press on hold?

Hi, my pleasure. I have to say that during this winter I had the pleasure of spending a lot of time in the studio, which hasn’t happened for many years, since I started travelling a lot.

I have experienced so much! I updated my studio setup by adding a modular system that makes me very excited, and gave me new stimulus plus opened new musical horizons. All this also led me to speed up the bpm a bit, after all this closed time I now want to let loose!

Can you tell me the story of when you first discovered electronic music?

In 2004 I was in Ibiza for the whole season. I remember that together with a dear friend of mine leaving DC10 we thought about going to Amnesia where there was the cocoon party. For the first time, I listened to Sven Vath, and I remember Miss Kittin was also playing. It was a memorable evening with spacious music and a wonderful vibe! I knew the artist’s reputations, but I hadn’t had the pleasure of listening to them, I must say that it was just what I wanted to hear, something new and energetic … I repeat, spatial!

The Italian region of Naples has become a hotbed of talented techno artists, what do you think is the reason for this?

Naples is a city of art, a city full of influences due to the various dominations in the past. There are great actors, great singers, and artists who have made history in Italy and in the world. Speaking of our scene in the 90s, techno was represented by artists such as Gaetano Parisio, Marco Carola, Rino Cerrone who were an inspiration for me and many other young artists. Rino in particular has managed to transmit, pass on and educate many of the new generation including myself, and I am very grateful to him for this. Over time, a real techno breeding ground has been created thanks to local businesses such as International Talent (promoters of great techno events), Beatside (our booking agency managed by Genny Mosca) and Mario Manganelli’s Loose Club (our publisher). All this has always given me great incentives to do better, and I believe many other Neapolitan artists feel the same.

What do you think is the best club in Naples, are there still vinyl record shops in the area?

Currently, I believe that “Duel” is the club of Naples and of the Neapolitans. When I lived near Naples I always went to “Test Pressing”.

Outside the music scene, what places or activities would you recommend to those visiting Naples?

Visit at least one of the beautiful islands – Procida, Ischia, Capri. I have recently been to Procida which is a very beautiful and small island, only 4km. Also visit underground Naples to taste some of the gastronomic specialities such as lemons, mozzarella, pizza, excellent fish and much more. The historic centre is full of palaces, and charming streets that are the heart of our city. One street in particular that you should visit is San Gregorio Armeno – known throughout the world as the exhibition centre of the craft shops located here, that now make figurines for nativity scenes and beyond all year round.

When you want a break from music, what activities help you relax or unwind, do you have any hobbies?

I started reading a lot during this period and even preparing some dishes relaxes me a lot. Living in Amsterdam, if weather permits I love going to the park.

I heard that Eats Everything thinks you are a great chef, what is your signature dish?

hahah yes I try. Eggplant parmigiana I think 🙂

What track and concert are you most proud of, and why are these choices so special to you?

My first closing set at the local Old River Park where I grew up and left a piece of my heart, unfortunately, closed today for big events. My track “Primo” means a lot to me since it was my first solo EP on Drumcode, and I remember working a lot in those years to come out on DC.

Thank you for taking the time to speak today, is there anything else you would like to add or a special message for your fans?

In this period I have worked and experimented a lot in the studio. I have grounded new projects and new musical ideas that you will be able to listen to shortly! Stay strong and we hope to see you soon in clubs around the world. Goodbye and thanks to you!

Below you can watch the Luigi Madonna documentary ‘Origin’ in full…


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