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ÜNAM Discusses Upcoming Projects, Industry Developments, & Flow Sessions 103

ÜNAM Also Has His Own Label And Podcast Called “THE MAGIC SUN”.

We are very excited to welcome ÜNAM! A traveller & magic sound crafter who fuses electronic soundscapes with organic textures, deep melodies, big bass rhythms, and hypnotic sounds, all blended together through a strong solid groove.

1. What was the creative spark or concept behind this mix, what emotions or atmosphere were you aiming to convey to the listeners?

The concept is a journey through life…. starting from the heartbeat at the beginning and then passing through different sides and a wide range of emotions and vibes that represent unique moments of a lifetime, till the last seconds let us in infinity as you can hear in the mix.

2. Can you walk us through your track curation process for a mix that reflects your unique style and sound?

I just feel and have a concrete taste and sound that looks for music that is warm, emotional, groovy, hypnotic, harmonious as i do in my productions… My newly launched label “The Magic Sun” is a reflection of this message and the sound i want to transmit through my music releases, live sets and mixes, its motto is “music with a sun shining from within”. That´s what i look for.

3. Which artists or record labels have significantly influenced and shaped your style, and how have they impacted your approach to music?

Nu – Who Loves the Sun from Bar 25 can be the epicenter to answer this question.

4. In your view, how is the electronic music scene evolving, and what do you believe are the most exciting developments or trends to watch for?

The electronic music scene has been constantly evolving, with several noteworthy trends and developments. One exciting trend to watch for is the increasing fusion of electronic music with other genres, leading to fresh and innovative sounds. Additionally, advancements in technology have facilitated more immersive live performances and interactive experiences for audiences. The growing prominence of virtual reality and augmented reality in live shows is also a captivating development to keep an eye on.

5. Could you share a memorable moment or a particularly challenging obstacle you encountered during the creation of this mix, and how did it shape the final outcome?

All went flowing smoothly but to have as first track my remix of A sun is born that starts with an intimate heartbeat definitely gave me the more clear idea of the concept of the mix and how has to be its evolution.

6. What upcoming projects or releases can your fans look forward to, and how do you plan to continue sharing your music with your audience?

The first release of my label “The Magic Sun” is coming soon, is gonna be my Animal Planet EP accompanied with huge remixes by amazing artists. Then more updates on the label project will come.

Also FLY EP should be soon out too at Anteras Records and more exciting news coming soon will be announced on my socials.

7. We would like you to add of the songs you currently have on repeat to our Flow Suggests playlist, what are you listening to at the moment?

Matija & Richard ElCox – Mirage (ÜNAM Remix)
ÜNAM – Lone Ranger

8. Is there a special message or something specific you’d like to share with the fans who have supported  your journey?

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the support, is a driving force that inspires my artistic journey. By the way Im very excited to share with them and the world the concept of my label “The Magic Sun”,  looking forward to share the first steps apart from its podcast that has been out for little, but now first releases and bit by bit expand it to create new experiences, approach, events and a community of like minded people within it.

Thanks & Big Love.


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