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Sean Grimes Chats About The Melbourne Scene, Advice For Upcoming DJ’s & His Mix For 333 076!

The Talented DJ & Producer combines deep, moody undertones with cinematic build-ups and drops, to create an enthralling sonic experience!

Sean Grimes is a multifaceted artist known for his deep connection to music. Starting out as a DJ &  transitioning into a seasoned producer, focusing on deep, groovy, and melodic progressive house. His sets take listeners on emotional journeys, creating a sonic experience that ranges from intense to euphoric. In addition to his DJ career, Sean has played a significant role in the Australian electronic music scene, organising events and co-founding the Melbourne Dance Music Academy. He has performed at various renowned festivals in Australia and remains committed to producing and sharing his melodic magic with the world.

1. What was the creative spark or concept behind this mix, what emotions or atmosphere were you aiming to convey to the listeners?

          “This mix was created to represent my ideal daytime Sunday session at a festival inside a desert oasis. It consists of a variety of deep, moody, and groovy melodic elements, accompanied by cinematic build-ups and drops that lead you through a range of emotions, from stank faces to tears to happiness and back again. It’s the result of 10 years of collecting music and experience, condensed into 3 hours and 33 minutes, to showcase my favourite sounds within the electronic dance music spectrum.”

2. Can you tell us about your journey into the world of electronic music and how you got started as a DJ in Melbourne?

“My journey into electronic music began at a young age. My older brother, a psytrance producer from the 90s, was a significant influence. He gave me his old equipment, including drum machines and synthesizers, and had me mix tunes at his parties when I was just 8-10 years old. After moving to Melbourne as a teenager, I faced difficulties in entering the DJ scene. To overcome this, I decided to organize my own events, which eventually led to the creation of Dingo Squad and co-founding the Melbourne Dance Music Academy. This path catapulted me into the music scene after hosting numerous memorable parties across Melbourne.”

3. Melbourne has a vibrant electronic music scene. How has the city’s unique music culture influenced your sound and style as a DJ?

“I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of the beautiful community that is the Melbourne dance music scene. I distinctly remember the early days of Damon Walsh downstairs at Wah Wah Lounge and Boogs playing the Market Stage at Rainbow Serpent on a Sunday. These experiences were some of my most significant influences that motivated me to seriously pursue music production and DJing in Melbourne.”

4. What are some of your favourite venues or events in Melbourne to play at or attend as a music enthusiast, and why?

“For clear and obvious reasons, Revolver has always held a special place in my heart as one of my favorite venues to play, representing the pinnacle of clubbing in Melbourne. Additionally, I must mention Killing Time, which stands out as an intimate venue that allows me to delve deep into my musical repertoire. Its exceptional sound system setup is undoubtedly one of the best I’ve experienced. Without a doubt, Rainbow Serpent holds a special place in my heart as my all-time favorite event, whether as an attendee or performer. The Mad Monday Market Stage vibes at Rainbow Serpent are arguably the best Australia has to offer.”

5. Electronic music is known for its diverse sub-genres. Could you describe your preferred subgenre(s) and the elements that draw you to it?

“My preferred sub-genres would have to be Deep Minimal Tech or Progressive House. I have a deep appreciation for tracks that can establish a solid groove without becoming cluttered by excessive elements as the song progresses. In the case of progressive house, I’m particularly drawn to the emotional depth that can be achieved without the need for vocals. Instead, it’s achieved through the use of synthesizers that create melodies resembling sung words. This approach leaves it up to the listener to interpret and feel the emotions the music conveys.”

6. In your view, how is the electronic music scene evolving, and what do you believe are the most exciting developments or trends to watch for?

“This statement is more of a silver lining because, unfortunately, our government’s active efforts to hinder large events are causing excitement for a return to more grassroots, renegade-style gatherings in the forest and low-cost events. These events prioritise the music over elaborate production, providing an opportunity for smaller artists to make a meaningful impact on the scene.”

7. As a DJ, you have the power to curate an atmosphere and take the audience on a journey. What’s your approach to creating a memorable and immersive experience during your sets?

“It might come across as self-indulgent, but I’ve consistently relied on my instincts, always pondering, ‘What do I want to hear in this moment?’ Additionally, my song selection is highly influenced by the venue and atmosphere, the DJ playing before or after me, and the time of the performance. I relish connecting with the audience by dancing behind the decks, establishing eye contact, and sharing some fist bumps in the midst of my set.”

8. What advice would you give to aspiring DJs and producers looking to break into the Melbourne electronic music scene? Are there any resources or tips you wish you had known when you were starting out?

“If you have good intentions and actively put yourself out there, you will gain recognition. If you find it challenging to break into the industry, consider hosting your own events to book yourself and other DJs you admire. I believe this is the primary reason for my rapid success in the DJ scene. As a producer, remain dedicated to your craft and keep creating music in your bedroom, even if some of your early tracks are not the best. Your hard work will eventually yield results, and you’ll be producing great tracks in no time!”

8. Please add two tracks to our Flow Suggest playlist which is curated by the artists who come on the series and the Flow Team, what would you like to add? Follow for playlist updates and new releases.

‘Winter Sleep’ – Bongbeck, (Monolink Remix) & ‘Desert’ – Amonita

9. And lastly is there anything you’d like to add, a final word to your supporters?

“Just go out there and support your local artists. Exposure is vital, and a simple share, like, or comment can greatly assist with that. Don’t take yourself too seriously; just have fun. Always connect with others with genuine intentions and spread nothing but peace and love.”

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