LuciDream Provides 333 Sessions With An Epic Set Of Melodic House & Techno

In addition to her stellar mix she was also kind enough to run through some interview questions.

LuciDream’s DJ style mixes melodic techno with live instrumentation.

LuciDream’s is a DJ and producer living in Brisbane, Australia. Originally from Germany, she is a classically trained musician who discovered electronic music after moving down under. As someone who loves to create journeys with her DJ sets, she also plays live instruments over the tracks she plays, and has fast become a respected member of her local scene. Playing at festivals and nightclubs across Australia, LuciDream is also one of the people playing Flow Music’s integral club event on Byron called, Flow Presents. Prior to that performance, we invited her to record an extended set for the 333 Podcast, and she also took the time to answer some questions…

How did you find the format what was the vibe/energy you were trying to capture?

I have played long sets before, but I have never intentionally created and recorded a set this long. I love the number and it was an extraordinary experience to make this. I was trying to bring in the polarities and capture a lot of different emotions. While doing it and after listening back to it I had the vision of the story of a lifetime and climbing a mountain, there are euphoric moments of expansion as well as moments of deep contemplation and longing, and everything in between. It’s like our journey of self-discovery and experiencing being human.

Tell us how you first found your love for music, electronic or just in general? 

I have been playing instruments since an early age. My piano was always my meditation and a way to embrace and express my emotions. I never thought I would share that with the world though, as I was always extremely nervous when playing in front of people. Nevertheless, the universe guided me to work through this fear, helping me to reveal my gifts. When I came to Australia and went to my first ever festival (Rainbow Serpent), it blew my mind away. I knew little about electronic music and never even danced much before. It changed my whole life. After a handful more festivals and starting to regularly go dancing and listening to techno every morning, the feeling of wanting to try DJing became stronger until eventually I got my first decks and from that moment everything happened by itself. Quite quickly I started to be a bit bored while DJing, waiting for the next track and started playing instruments on top of the tracks. This is when the real magic happened and since then I rarely play any gigs without my piano. I also knew very soon that my goal is to do all live electronic music shows where I’m playing instruments rather than mixing other people’s tracks. So, I started producing, and that’s something where I’m still progressing and learning.

Who are some of the artists that inspire you and how have they influenced your own style? 

I want to talk about a special night I had here in Australia. It was at Aruanda Festival near Mullumbimby in 2019 where a very talented artist called Quackers was playing a live set with guitar and saxophone. I was so hypnotised and mind blown. I then had the first glimpses of playing live sets with instruments myself. I remember very clearly the moment I talked to him after his set, and told him how amazing he was, and that his set gave me a major realisation and vision for my future. I actually described it to him very precisely, he probably doesn’t even remember me but also his humble way of being inspired me a lot.

Some other artists that I absolutely love and inspire me are Monolink, Paradoks and the Hungry music crew, specifically Worakls, N’to and Joachim Pastor. The way they combine techno and acoustic music is incredible. From the piano side of things, big influences in my sounds are Ludovico Einaudi, Sofiane Pamart and Brian Crain.

The places we grew up in, various locations and cities can have a powerful effect on our creative energy. Tell us a bit more about where you grew up and how it may have influenced your sound and direction? 

I grew up in Bavaria, Germany. Although I didn’t have much contact with the electronic music scene in my teenage years, something in my blood definitely connects me to the German techno scene. After discovering it, I went to Berlin for a while and it filled me up with the biggest creative flow and excitement since I started DJing. Actually, after I returned from Berlin back to Australia, I made my first tracks, which then lead to the release of my first EP.

We would like to invite you to add 2 – 4 tracks to our Flow Suggests melodic house playlist, songs you can’t stop listening to what would you like to add?

My selections would be ‘Sundance’ by Double Touch and Reigan, Kled Mone’s remix of Early Morning Dreams by Kadebostany. Sofiane Pamart’s remix of ‘By the Brook’ by Worakls, and finally one of my own LuciDream tracks called ‘Der Weg’.

Outside of DJing, and producing music, how do you spend your time?

I recently started support work and really enjoy sharing all my skills and helping people. I also love creating outfits and jewellery, reading books and spending time with my partner. And once in a while dance all night at a good techno event or festival.

Tell us about your recent release. 

My recent EP ‘Die Reise’ consists of 4 tracks that all have German names and it translates to the journey. The tracks are all quite long and really took me on such a journey and still do. I started them while I was living near Byron Bay in an incredible castle, with the most beautiful view over the ocean. It was a very expansive and contemplative time for me and this is also reflected in the tracks I would say. I can’t help but have a really uplifting end to my tracks, I often start with something darker and deeper, which usually reflects my mood at that time. I find the process of creating music so healing that by the end of the track its mood has evolved to become uplifting and happy.

How do you find living in Brisbane after living in Byron Bay?  

To be honest, I was quite scared at the beginning, because cities are overwhelming sometimes. But since I moved here mid of last year, I had so many incredible opportunities come my way, and went through a massive change within myself. The electronic music community in Brisbane is very supportive and I was really able to share my music regularly at amazing events, including some located on the Gold Coast. I definitely miss the nature around Byron Bay, and some of my best friends still live there, but I don’t regret it at all. I woke up one day and I knew I had to move to Brisbane, it was such a radical decision but it has been extremely rewarding.

We are very excited to have you play at our inaugural Flow Music presents event in Byron at the Byron Theatre on the 10th of June, what else are you looking forward to in 2022?

I’m very excited about that too, thank you so much for having me! I also look forward to Elements Festival which has always been one of my favourite festivals, and this year I’m going to be part of it which is very exciting. I’m also looking forward to making more music and doing a special collaboration with Rachel Laing. Her voice is so beautiful and we already worked on a track together that’s magical.

When you think of Flow how would you describe what it means to you? 

For me, flow means being aligned with our divine nature. Letting go of any conceptions and limitations, then being guided by the higher self. Letting the energy flow would be one way to put it. There is a constant flow of energy through our bodies, and if we block the flow we get sick or our creativity just isn’t ‘flowing’. When making music, I’m in the flow, which means I can clearly channel what comes through, and what wants to be expressed.  Actually, being in the flow state is very natural for us as a species, but after years of conditioning and overthinking everything, it has become really hard for us to just relax. When we can relax enough to connect with our inner self, it’s magic that happens.


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