Jacob Groening Talks Plants, Crypto & Kamai Music

The talented German DJ and producer is well-known for his organic house style.

Jacob Groening’s organic house style takes influence from jazz, blues and soul with middle eastern elements.

Jacob Groening runs the Kamai Music record label which has been a regular outlet for his own music, but he has also released tracks and remixes on other imprints such as Cosmic Awakenings, Bar 25, and 3000 Grad.

He also travels the world as a headline DJ and plays regularly in his home country of Germany where he is an influential part of the club scene.

Excited to learn more about his forthcoming projects and passions outside of music, we decided to invite him for this interview…

Hi Jacob, what part of the world are you currently based in, and what’s the local club scene like at this time of year? 

Hi, I am actually based in Berlin. The clubs just reopened in March, and the music scene is getting back to partying how it used to before the pandemic started. It’s very nice to see and feel things getting back to normal. 

What are your opinions on e-scooters and do you think they are the best way to travel around Berlin?

I think it’s a good way to navigate through the city for sure. I love riding an e-scooters in Berlin, as you have no problems with traffic jams, but it can get very cold in the winter, and that is the only downside.

I’m told you are passionate about growing plants; do you do this indoors or outdoors, and what kinds of plants are your favourites?

I like to grow herbs for cooking, which is a good way to make sure they are fresh and organic. I also have a lemon tree, which is a very sensitive plant that’s often attacked by parasites. It’s a constant battle, but once I have a plant, then I make sure to take care of it forever. My oldest plants are two palms that I’ve had from when I was a teenager, they have moved several times with me, and are both doing very well. 

What is it about growing plants that you find so enjoyable, and do you have any tips for other people also interested in horticulture?

I like to see when things grow, my tip is sometimes less watering can make a positive difference, as it’s actually possible to drown plants with too much water. It’s also important to find the perfect spot in the room where they get just the right amount of sunlight. 

Talking of growing things, how is your record label going, I’d love to know what’s coming up on Kamai?

Actually, upcoming is a compilation with eight carefully selected tracks from a mix of established artists plus some upcoming new talents. I tested each of them at my DJ gigs in various places and types of venue, and the feedback has been very good. We are also planning some Kamai events including an open-air party planned at Birgit in Berlin on the 6th of June. There will also be Kamai showcases in London on the 16th of June and one in Istanbul on the 31st of July. There is also a lot more exciting things in the planning process.

Also, I’d love to know about your own music, do you have any new releases scheduled for the coming months?  

Following the aforementioned compilation, I have an EP of my own music coming on Kamai music, and that’s made using Japanese and Chinese instruments. I’m also working on my first album, which is an exciting new sound that I’m excited to share with the world after my EP is released. 

Could you recommend a couple of organic/melodic house tracks from other artists that we could add to our Flow playlist on Spotify? 

Sure, here are some tracks that I would recommend…

    • Nhii – Hisoka
    • Roderic – Bauernhof 
    • Bonfante – Aldeapolis
    • Stavroz – Hilfe
    • Dandara, Hesselberg – Sacred Hill
    • Menschen 26, Anatolian Sessions – Kayra
    • Arutani – No Gravity
    • Sam Shure – Louna 
    • Mahfoud – I wish I met you sooner my enemy 
    • Kermesse – Utopia

On the subject of selecting music, how is your DJ schedule looking, are you planning any tours or summer festival gigs?

I just finished a tour of India. India was great, and during the last gig I went on a musical journey with the audience. Starting with organic music, and ending with acid melodic house. We are already planning another tour with the new live set that I’m working on. I will also be playing at some festivals in Belgium and Germany. Besides that, I am looking forward to the Kamai showcases.

Recently, I’ve seen some festivals accepting ticket payments in Cryptocurrency, what are your thoughts on this, are you someone who thinks Crypto is here to stay or just a fad? 

Yes, that is an interesting topic, I think that cryptocurrencies are already very much implemented in various ways, and it’s almost not possible to change that trend. It’s a very volatile market, and I think in the near future it’s very possible that NFT’s could change the way we consume music. 

Thanks for taking the time to chat, is there a message to fans or anything else you would like to add before we finish?

I’d like to thank the Flow Music crew for this interview, and all my fans for the support they give to me and my music. Thanks to everyone for supporting artists during the pandemic, and I hope we meet in person soon!

Jacob Groening was also our guest for the 25th edition of Flow Sessions check it out below.


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