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Monsieur Diop Provides 333 Sessions A Storytelling Mix Of Organic House

His is an Australian DJ from Byron Bay who also founded the Bare Foot Beat events.

Monsieur Diop is an Australian DJ whose style is inspired by world music.

Monsieur Diop is an accomplished DJ based in Byron Bay whose style is best described as organic house but incorporates a wide rage of other genres ranging from disco to dub. He is a founding member of Bare Foot Beat, which is a popular event that allows him to share his passion for music with those who have a likeminded philosophy.

Bare Foot Beat was founded in 2018, but Monsieur Diop also performs regularly at other Australian events, including festivals such as Splendour in the Grass, Chi Wow Wah Town, Festival 23, Earth Frequency and Rabbit Eat Lettuce.

This epic 3-hour and 33-minute set for our 333 Podcast is an eclectic mix that showcases Monsieur Diop’s ability to tell stories with music, while also expressing his versatility as a DJ.

Words from the artist: “I am very grateful for the Flow family to have invited me to create a 3h33min set for them.
As a DJ we often feel like the given slots are too short to express ourselves fully.

In this 3 hours I have been able to create a journey into my various sonic universe in a meaningful and gentle evolution. An opportunity that is rarely given to DJs.

I am starting with some very cinematic sounds to allow the mind to dream away and awakening in fantasy.

The second part of the set is focused on Dubs. Dub is one of my favourite genre, it is when the sound engineer is having fun remixing the tracks while the band is asleep. Dub plates often focus on drums and bass line and can be apply to any style of music. Through DuB we can create unexpected juxtaposition of different genres.
In that phase I also allow my mix to speed up and we are leaving the Dub section effortlessly onto Tecno music.

One of my trade mark as a DJ is to overlap grindy tecno with global grooves. It creates an instant tribal atmosphere prompt to any out of body dancing experiences! We feel warm and sweaty and the voodoo kicks in.
In this last part of my mix I let the journey flow effortlessly between, Disco, world, funk and Latin house with a constant tecno pull.

I hope you enjoy this 3 hours with Monsieur Diop!

See you on the Dancefloor!”

Monsieur Diop


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