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Black Tiger Provides 333 Sessions An Eclectic Mix Of Afro House

She is a talented DJ from Zimbabwe who now calls Melbourne, Australia her home.

Black Tiger’s sound blends Afro percussion rhythms with groovy basslines and uplifting melodies.

Black Tiger is a Zimbabwe-born DJ who has made Melbourne, Australia her adopted home. She is a regular DJ at prestigious events run by Australian promoters such as Thick as Thieves, Novel and Untitled. Often performing on the same line-up as international artists such as DJ Boring, Patrick Topping, Emanuel Satie, Henry Saiz and John Talabot.

Her sound blends Afro percussion rhythms with groovy basslines and uplifting melodies that unfold with building tension, and she has the ability to connect with the dance floor to create unified moments of bliss.

This 3-hour and 33-minute DJ set for 333 sessions is an epic blend of tracks that spans genres ranging from tech house to melodic techno. It’s a spellbinding set that gets you locked in from the very beginning.

Words from the artist: “My whole life I have felt like I don’t quite fit in. Looking different to the people around me, talking and even thinking differently, I’ve often felt like I’m the odd one out. It stopped bothering me when I was a teenager, and then I maybe secretly didn’t mind not being the same as everyone else… however a few years ago I realised that one of the places at which I felt at home was a dance floor.

I say all sorts of things – music sets me free, that it has saved my sanity and my life more than once. I say music is healing and transformative and that it’s the great unifier and equaliser. On the dance floor, we are all the same.

When I started mixing and then playing gigs, I found, to my surprise and delight, that I had accidentally stumbled upon the one place I truly belong.

I was at risk of overthinking this mix into a stiff collection of tracks, but I caught myself and allowed myself to relax into the process. These are a few of my favourites, past and present. I love a few genres but the mood for 333 sessions – ‘afro-melodic’. I like music that makes me feel something and I love bassy chunky afro house blended with beautiful melodic house and techno.

3hrs 33mins (and 33 seconds) was a good amount of time, I can mix for days so it was nice to have a bit more time than normal to play with. I hope you enjoy the flow of this mix, I really enjoyed putting it together for you. The last few seconds of this mix – that’s my music… it’s called Acceptance and I made it myself.

Thank you for having me 333 sessions and Flow Music!
You know I love it. xoxo – Black Tiger”


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