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Storm King Provides 333 Sessions An Eclectic Mix Of Deep & Techy House Music

He is a talented DJ from forested NSW who is well-known within the Australian scene.

Storm King is a DJ who plays tracks with techy rhythms, organic sound and deep atmosphere.

Storm King is an Australian artist from Forested NSW whose style is an eclectic mix that orientates around techy percussion and stripped-back grooves with lots of atmosphere.

His DJ sets incorporate tracks ranging from deep tech to melodic house/techno with genres such as organic house also being a big part of his sound.

This 3-hour and 33-minute mix for Flow Music’s 333 Sessions is a journey through sound that starts off deep and organic, but gradually builds in intensity as it builds towards an up-tempo finish focused on melodic techno.

There is never a dull moment in this captivating mix that showcases the talents of a respected name from Australia’s underground scene.

Words from the artist: “I wanted to go on a real journey with this set, through my catalogue of new and old tunes, many favourites thrown in there. I kept it Melodic and emotional to begin with, but as you progress deeper into it you feel some darkness start to creep in, slowly rising in tempo and intensity. I pictured playing an extended sunset slot while mixing, easing out of the lighthearted daytime vibes and progressing into heavier nighttime energy towards the end.”


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