Le’bruh Delivers 333 Sessions A Dark & Techy Set That Transcends Genres

He is a Melbourne based DJ whose style has been described as being “the local rent-a-shaman of the concrete jungle”.

Le’bruh is known for his sets at festivals ranging from Rabbits Eat Lettuce to Strawberry Fields.

Le’bruh is an Australian DJ from Melbourne whose style is an eclectic blend that covers everything from downtempo to thumping techno. He is someone who adapts his style to match the crowd and isn’t afraid to take a risk with his track selection.

Skilled at creating a captivating atmosphere that’s both trippy and full of suspense, he says that his friends describe his DJ style as “the local rent-a-shaman of the concrete jungle”.

Not only a resident DJ at Melbourne events such as Techno Time where he also records a live podcast, Le’bruh also frequents the main stage at festivals and has played events such as Strawberry Fields, Babylon Festival, Rabbits Eat Lettuce and many others.

His set for 333 is a real journey that transcends from chugging organic house to techno via minimal, tech house and a bit of disco. Showing off his versatility and skills as a track selector, it’s an epic set that we hope you all enjoy.

Words from the artist: The art of DJing is where I first truly found the concept of entering a flow state, when you practice anything long enough eventually you’re able to enter a semi-meditative state of action where you stop overthinking and a sense of ‘knowing’ guides your every move. Since discovering the magic of flow it has become a feeling I seek (not always successfully) every time I perform. For this mix I allowed myself to get into my true musical flow by not overthinking the selections, not overplanning the direction and allowing the music to guide me as the journey unfolded.

For this 3:33 mix I wanted to encapsulate a diverse tapestry of vibrations, the main theme would definitely be progressive but also weaves in shades of indie dance, tech, groovy tribal house, melodic house & techno and bass fuelled chunk. This has translated as an authentic representation of how I like to perform most unpredictable and not feeling boxed in to follow fixed boundaries/expectations of genre style or bpm.

I hope you enjoy the journey, it comes from a state of flow that was completely unplanned and recorded in one take. May the magic of the unknown guide your experience as you listen.



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