Xique-Xique’s ‘Na Lagoa’ Album Gets Remixed By Oliver Koletzki, Mira & More…

Out now via The Magic Movement it also includes Zoe Reijue, Nutia, Psilosamples, Dengue Dengue Dengue, Niko Schwind, Batu Ozer and Christopher Schwarzwalder.

Xique-Xique’s 2021 album ‘Na Lagoa’ gets a part two release featuring new remix versions by some of the biggest names in organic house.

The eight new versions come from Zoe Reijue, Nutia, Psilosamples, Dengue Dengue Dengue, Niko Schwind, Batu Ozer and Oliver Koletzki. Mira and Christopher Schwarzwalder also collaborate on a remix to complete the package.

Mira and Christopher Schwarzwalder are two of Berlin’s finest and they are both known for their links to the Kater Blau nightclub plus its associated record label Katermukke.

Oliver Koletzki is label owner of Stil Vor Talent and Niko Schwind has been prevalent on record labels that range from A Tribe Called Kotori to Akbal Music.

The list of the remixing artist achievements is very impressive and those are just a select few that we have chosen to mention, as all of them are either influential artists or exciting up-and-comers that have been turning heads.

In terms of the music itself, Xique-Xique’s original tracks are quite downtempo with low slung grooves full or organic instruments, and earthy percussion sounds with tribal rhythms. The remixes are mainly around 100-110BPM, but Oliver Koletzki’s is a little faster.

Oliver Koletzki and Niko Schwind both provide mixes that are more synth orientated while many of the others draw focus to the percussion, but most have a synth lead/melody at the core of their remix.

Psilosamples’ rework has a deep and dubby style that stands out as an appealing cut for those who like things on the techy side and Dengue Dengue Dengue have a jackin’ Afro flow to their remix which also has dreamy synths.

Nutia’s rework has a rhythmic melody progression that merges with the percussion to give that version a truly mesmerising sound, but all tracks are great and we strongly recommend listening through the whole release to find your personal favourites.

You can buy a copy HERE.


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