We Expose The Boiler Room’s Recent PR And Political Correctness Scandal

When Boiler Room Director Michail Stangl attacked our attempts to launch a debate about political correctness in dance music on Friday, we were a little perplexed as to why. So we did a little digging…

Over the weekend, strong evidence came to light of a PR cover up that threatens to cast a shadow on the Boiler Room’s dominant position in dance music.

On Friday Tara Joshi (Editorial intern @7digital, research @guardian) published an article on Gal-dem read here => Boiler Room And The Issue Of ‘White Men’ which in large was meant to highlight how the music industry treats women (especially women of colour) and exposed the Boiler Room for making a strange cut to Sarra Wild’s interview, in their new film about Glasgow’s New Wave of artists…

boiler room racism white agenda

Tara Joshi’s article revealed the Boiler Room edited the words “white men” from her interview and was told it was through fear of repercussions. But repercussions from who exactly? ‘White men’ being offended about being called “white men”? That hardly sounds like a big issue to us so there has to be another reason?

The Boiler Room was continually pressed for clarification but they declined to comment.

Tara Joshi’s numerous attempts to seek comment forced The Boiler Room to issue an (extremely long winded) apology (see below) which was meant to set the record straight (sic). We are still waiting for them to tell the truth.  

We now realise Michail Stangl tried to attack us and silence our political correctness discussion on Friday, because the Boiler Room’s statement is a blatant PR cover to sidestep the truth they’ve been found guilty of promoting a one sided, politically correct agenda in dance music, that censors free speech.

We felt it was time the Boiler Room got real with the dance music community, so we contacted Michail Stangl and gave him the opportunity to tell his side of the story on two occasions before we published this article. We felt that the evidence was strong enough to publish this and feel that through his own arrogance and sheer hypocrisy, Michail Stangl has exposed himself as being at the very heart of the problem in dance music today.

People are often destroyed in the media without being given the chance to tell their side of the story. Michail thought he was clever trying to attack us and shift the blame from his own PR scandal but it looks like this could end up seriously backfiring.

Over the last 5 years, We’re proud to have brought a much needed balance to the industry and helped the careers of hundreds of emerging artists in the industry.

We’ll be happy to keep you updated on everything that happens to us behind the scenes, a result of this story, so you can understand the politics that happen in dance music. We never set out to harm or hurt anybody and if you read through our 3000+ articles, you’ll notice C-U is about music and helping new artists get noticed.

Given the size and importance of our industry today, we feel need to question if bullies like Michail Stangl should be allowed to lead the powerful organisations, that play such an important role in shaping the agenda on dance music culture.

Does Michail have the right skills for the role? Does his organisation have the right ethics? Is there a corporate agenda that is trying to enforce censorship? And why is Michail trying to enforce his politically correct ideology in dance music? Should we be giving him the power to do it?  Michail’s actions are no better than a big corporate power bullying the little guy and we’re glad to expose what he has tried to do to us. Will Michail admit his mistakes and give us the true story on why he’s tried to cover things up? If so, we’re happy to move on positively from this incident and hold no grudge.

politically correct boiler room

We’re proud to have been a catalyst behind the political correctness discussion that’s happening right now across social media. It was something that needed to happen. We’re also thankful for Rebekah for sharing the article (her reasons are stated below) and for helping encourage people to calmly debate this matter on her socials.

Whilst a lot of people agreed with the sentiment behind what we wrote, we’d like to admit we made some generalisations in our article. Discussions like this end up catching fire very quickly and going global. We recognise some of the statements we made were not applicable to every country and we’re genuinely sorry for that.

We simply wanted to confront the issues of political biases, correctness, censorship and hate in our scene. We think our industry needs to be accepting of everyone without prejudice and we think our article has achieved it’s goal of raising awareness on these issues.

We genuinely hope there are people out there who feel there needs to be a responsible power to stand up to the big corporate interests in the underground.

If you allow the powers that be behind the scenes to try to and silence the independent voices like us in dance music, then you will continue to be controlled by their agenda. By supporting C-U you’re helping to create positive, responsible change that’s far reaching across the industry.


What do you think?


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