Alan Fitzpatrick reveals his top 5 movies to help you survive Lockdown

Alan Fitzpatrick’s new release on Rekids is out 29 January 2021

Alan Fitzpatrick is not only a connoisseur of electronic music whose DJ sets have rocked dancefloors all over the world, but he is also something of a film buff who loves chilling with a good movie.

The last 12 Months have been crazy; many of us have spent our weekends swapping a night on the dancefloor for an evening curled up on the sofa watching films or TV box sets.

Having previously influenced clubbers on dancefloors, we invited Alan Fitzpatrick to instead influence our evening at home, and pick out a selection of the films that have helped him get through Lockdown

Calm With Horses

I watched this during the first lockdown and was blown away. It’s a powerful story of loyalty and struggle set in rural Ireland which follows the life of an ex-boxer who has wound up working as an enforcer for drug dealers so he can provide for his young autistic son. It’s hard hitting and very real. Each character is incredibly complex yet relatable. It’s beautifully shot and scored, the music fits perfectly. In my opinion there’s good reason for this film to be up for so many awards.

The Peanut Butter Falcon

If you’re ever feeling a bit sad or low during lockdown, stick this on. I’ve not met a single person who doesn’t love this movie, it’s a masterpiece; funny, inspiring and heart-warming. The plot follows a young lad with Down Syndrome who escapes from a state-run assisted living facility to follow his dream of becoming a famous professional wrestler. Although it’s listed as a comedy-drama there are some scenes which would definitely make you well up a little (in a good way). It’s an independent release but has a strong cast; Zack Gottsagen, Dakota Johnson and Shia Lebeouf are all excellent. This is a must watch!


This is a great debut from director Clark Duke although the movie has a bit of a Tarantino feel about it. Liam Hemsworth and John Malcovich star as low-level criminals who kind themselves in their Kingpin’s bad books when their drug deal goes wrong. It’s in intricate movie, unpredictable and intelligently put together, I was hooked from the beginning.


I’m a family man and having two young kids is a great excuse to watch cartoons. Disney’s new Pixar really doesn’t disappoint, it’s one of those films you will happily watch again and again. It’s about a music teacher who gets his chance to play in a Jazz club but then, by accident, finds himself in the place where souls get their personality and characteristics before they come to Earth. Really heart-warming story, nice music and voiceovers from Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey, a 10/10 from the Fitzpatricks.

Finding The Way Back

This one packs and emotional punch. Ben Affleck stars as a construction worker who’s been given the opportunity to coach basketball at his old Catholic high school. It’s a very honest movie which follows a man suffering from alcoholism and grief. He’s barely holding it together in the beginning and as the plot progresses, he spirals out of control. This is a powerful and thought-provoking watch which hints at people’s vices and wasted potential, which I’m sure will hit home with a lot of people.


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