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Marco Faraone Shares His Thoughts On Our Freedom After Lockdown

The Italian artist talks travel, the vaccine and how he stayed healthy during the last 12 months.

Marco Faraone is one of the world’s leading techno artists, known for his releases on labels like Rekids and Drumcode.

The Italian based DJ and producer is from Tuscany, and he grew up in a family of musicians who inspired him with their love of sound.

Not only does Marco Faraone travel the world to headline clubs and festivals, but he is also the owner of his own record label called UNCAGE.

The last year has been tough for everyone in the music industry, and this has been no different for Marco Faraone, but finally, the vaccine will allow music venues to open again.

Recently he dropped a new EP on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode called ‘Our Freedom’ which celebrated the fact the lockdown is soon coming to an end.

Keen to learn more about the EP and its concept, we decided to have a quick chat with him…

What did you find hardest about the whole lockdown situation?

The most difficult thing to overcome is certainly uncertainty. Not knowing when things will return to normal. At this moment we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, but I believe that the whole club community has had a year of fear, certainly economic, but above all due to uncertainty about the future. I think uncertainty was scarier than covid.

I see you also have a new EP out called ‘Our Freedom’, could you tell me a little about that release, and was its title inspired by the pandemic?

I worked on this record throughout the pandemic trying to send Adam something really special that would bring an exciting and hopeful message through the music. I worked a lot on the melodies and the content of all the tracks trying to create a really special record. During 2020 I was in the process of producing two albums “No filter” and “Hope” both released, quite far from club music, so I was very oriented at that time to produce something very harmonious, melodic and exciting in some way. I really hope that “Our Freedom” can become an anthem, connected to the moment we all experienced and can be remembered as a record that carries within itself a message of hope and a new beginning.

Talking of freedom, have you been offered the vaccine yet, and what are you most looking forward to once the world opens up again?

No, I haven’t been called for the vaccine yet. In Italy, the government has naturally started with older people, who are the most vulnerable, and vaccinations are really slow compared to many other countries in the world. I think it will take some more time and to be honest I hope that by autumn we can go back to doing some normal events. What am I looking forward? Playing live!

What is your feeling on international travel, do you think DJs should just play gigs in their home countries for the rest of 2021?

I believe that if an artist is vaccinated or travels safely by doing a covid test before leaving, they can travel. Our scene was brought to its knees and the help of the government was very bad. In order for everything to be done safely, all the artists must be responsible and professional (same as the ravers), in order not to go back to experiencing a bad period again.

Did you pick up any new hobbies over the last 12 months after spending more time at home?

Not really, I love spending time with my girlfriend, our dog, and producing music. Being in the studio and making music is my very first hobby and it became my work as well, but I would do it anyway as I love doing it, it makes me feel good and puts me in a good mood.

Did you have a keep fit routine or any techniques for maintaining your mental health that you think others might find useful?

Eating better and following a good died, going to walk or run a bit everyday with my dog and breathing good air at the beach. Something useful for changing your mood? Get a dog if you can, you’ll understand why 🙂

Going back to your new release, how many times have you released on Drumcode before, and do you have any tips for other trying to get signed by the label?

I’ve released on Drumcode many times, this is my fourth EP, but I’ve also collaborated on various artists and a remix for Moby. Drumcode has a very specific sound, purely directed at big dancefloors, but what I do when I work on a record for them is to try to give the record a very strong idea and identity, the idea is the fundamental part. Many producers are able to make incredible grooves that sound good, but the idea, the melodies, the interlocking of the elements are essential to create an iconic record. In all my tracks released on Drumcode, I have tried to really convey what I wanted to communicate to the dancefloor, especially my emotions while creating the music, creating something that could last over time and be timeless.

On the subject of labels, how are things going with your own imprint UNCAGE, do you have anything you forthcoming that you are extra excited about?

In the last few months my label has been doing great. We really have a lot of projects in the pipeline for both Uncage and the sub label Swap Series. We have reached very high positions on many charts and received a lot of support during the pandemic from many artists whom I respect a lot. A new three-track EP will be released in a few days by Marco Bailey, a friend as well as a great artist. We have in the pipeline the new MISSION ° 3 compilation, always highly appreciated by those who follow us, this one curated by a new Italian talent, Hertz Collision. The compilation will include tracks from The Advent, Alexander Kovalski, Marcal, Gene Richards Jr and many more artists, and of course a track of mine. As for the Swap Series, an EP of Eats Everything will be released in July, a great artist but first of all a beautiful person. Then? I can’t tell you everything, always stay up to date and we’ll surprise you 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to chat today, before we finish, is there anything you would like to add or do you have a message for fans?

Nothing in life is soo important like… OUR FREEDOM.

You can pick up Marco Faraone’s ‘Our Freedom’ on Drumcode from HERE


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