Soul Button Provides Flow Sessions A Storytelling Mix Of Melodic House & Techno

He is a globally respected DJ who is also known for his record label, Steyoyoke.

Soul Button is a Berlin-based artist who is known globally for his melodic style that covers everything from deep house to techno.

Travelling the world as a headline DJ, Soul Button has played sets everywhere from America to Azerbaijan. He is also an accomplished producer who runs the record labels Steyoyoke, Steyoyoke Black and Inner Symphony.

Although he keeps his original productions exclusive to his own record labels, his tracks have been included on Global Underground compilations and he has also contributed remixes to the likes of Selador and Einmusika Recordings.

When it comes to DJing, Soul Button has a career that spans over a decade and he is known for his spellbinding mixing style that tells stories to the dance floor.

Hi is a master at building tension and capturing moments of emotion that lift the mood of the listener and this 3-hour and 33-minute set is nothing less than spectacular.

Words from the artist: I had the pleasure of recording an extended mix for FlowMusic. Extended sets are my favourite since I’m not limited for time and can take you on a melodic journey which is always the goal. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!


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