Thommie G Remixes Volzigt’s New Release ‘Pablo’s Blistered Paw’

Out now via Baikal Nomads, the release also features a remix by Goro (NL).

Thommie G is an organic house artist known for his releases on labels such as Sol Selectas.

Volzigt is an organic house artist from Amsterdam in Holland and his new EP also features remixes by Goro as well as Thommie G, who are both Dutch too.

Released via the Baikal Nomads record label, ‘Pablo’s Blistered Paw’ is a downtempo release with deep atmospherics and a laidback vibe. It features two original tracks by Volzigt that are accompanied by the aforementioned remixes.

Not only do all three of the artists on this release have close ties to the Dutch organic house scene, all of them have also previously worked with Baikal Nomads. Volzigt has also worked with other labels such as Shango Records, while Thommie G is known for his links to labels ranging from Sol Selectas to Magician On Duty, and Goro has worked with imprints including Cafe De Anatolia.

“Blistered Paw” is the first of the original cuts, and it opens with flickering hi-hats and a plodding bassline that’s layered with ethereal pads and trippy atmospherics. “Pablo’s” is the second of the original tracks, and it’s got a melodic bassline with throbbing chords with celestial vocal textures intertwined between shuffling percussion.

Goro’s remix of Blistered Paw is an enchanting remix that adds a new bassline and focuses on adding more atmosphere to create a psychedelic version. Thommie G adds a selection of new sounds including synths, drums and a vocal sample while creating his upbeat version that’s built around the original’s guitar chords.

You can buy the release HERE.


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