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Acclaimed Duo Kon Faber Unveils Enchanting New EP “Weberwiese”

The release is out now via Kamai Music!

Taking its name from the iconic U-Bahn station “Weberwiese,” located in close proximity to their studio, “Weberwiese” is a three-track voyage into Kon Faber’s musical universe. The EP’s original compositions bear witness to Kon Faber’s groundbreaking approach to music production, with one exceptional track featuring a mesmerizing collaboration alongside celebrated producer Iorie.

“Weberwiese” EP also delivers two enthralling remixes by Fka Mash & Joep Mencke, each offering a unique interpretation of Kon Faber’s sonic vision.

This EP serves as a testament to Kon Faber’s talent for crafting distinctive soundscapes that transcend genre boundaries, reflecting the rich diversity and vitality of Berlin’s music culture.

In an exciting development, the Weberwiese EP is now available on vinyl, featuring an exclusive vinyl-only remix of “Cheer” by Jacob Groening. Vinyl enthusiasts can secure a copy by (clicking here)

The release is out now join us on this captivating auditory journey into the heart of Kon Faber’s creative prowess. To listen or buy (click here) Check out Kon Faber’s (website here) to learn more about them and their upcoming gigs & projects.




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