RUSKAR Drops New EP ‘Amazônia’

The two track release is out now on Sabo’s record label, Sol Selectas.

RUSKAR is an Afro house artist from Brazil whose new release is an EP that’s full of flair and feel-good energy.

Living in São Paulo, RUSKAR’s music takes influence from the carnival style percussion that’s traditional to South America, and blends those upbeat percussion rhythms with modern electronic sounds.

This is only the fourth official release to come from RUSKAR who is a young talent that put out his first tracks in 2017. Since then, he has continued to perfect his sound with a focus on quality instead of quantity, and that can certainly be heard in this new release that comes via Sabo’s Record label Sol Selectas.

“Amazônia” is the title track on the release and it has energetic percussion rhythms that are layered with the call and response of swelling synth pads. The breakdown section introduces haunting panpipes that add organic melodies to complement the tropical textures that circulate around the tribal percussion.

“Resistência” is the second track on the release, and it has got pitched vocals with spiralling synths that are layered over dramatic bass chords and tribal percussion rhythms. It’s a trippy track with lots of energy and it unfolds with building suspense.

Out now, you can buy a copy HERE.


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