Nii Tei – A New Cultural Renaissance Has Begun In Miami

Crediting his Ghanaian roots as the soul of his music style, Nii Tei has rapidly become one of Miami’s most beloved DJs, thanks in great part to his knack for hooking an audience.

Hi Nii, thanks for chatting with us. Where are you right now and what are you up too?

Nii Tei: Hey guys, thanks for inviting me. I’m at home having a coffee , digging music and getting ready for the weekend ahead that I’m playing at iii Points.

CU: So you’re playing at Miami’s iii Points festival. Are you excited about this one?

Nii Tei: Of course I am, it’s an honour to share the stage with such amazing talent from all over the world.

CU: What make iii Points different from other festivals?

Nii Tei: iii Points is made up of 50% international talent and 50% local talent. It showcases homegrown Miami artists as they share the stage with more recognizable artists. It allows attendees to discover the music in their own backyard.

CU: How do you prepare your sets for festivals like this? 

Nii Tei: It’s not easy to prepare for a gig like this but I have several ideas on my mind about the direction I might like to go that day, but yes I go with the flow most of the time.

CU: During the 3 day festivities who are you looking forward to see?

Nii Tei: Just to name a few Herbie Hancock, Raekwon and GhostFace Killah, Ben UFO, the Keinemusik crew, Auntie Flo, Erykah Badu, Pussy Riot, PoorGrrl, Danny Daze and the list goes on. The line-up is just too solid.

CU: Why should we go to iii Points?

Nii Tei: Basically to discover new music and to be a part of Miami’s cultural renaissance.

CU: Can you share with us a couple of tracks that you might be playing that day?

Nii Tei: Um…I even cannot answer that. You can expect some serious salsa (laughs).

CU: Good luck!

Nii Tei: Thank you very much, see you on the dancefloor!


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